Saturday, June 2, 2007


Friday and Saturday, we hosted our annual Permian Basin API Sour Crude Open Scholarship Golf Tourney at Hogan Park. A mere 530 golfers enjoyed two days of golfing, good food and fellowship – with all the proceeds going to scholarships.

This tournament was different from many we’ve had in the past in that we invited our 24 scholarship recipients to come out and work the tourney. Many of the young people showed up, and worked wherever we needed them at the tourney.

As a whole group, they were great. Individually, they shone. Though each had different personalities, and many of them attend different (some, rivaling) colleges, they all worked together, met their benefactors, and served the tournament. Some were quieter than others, but they weren’t shy about meeting new people, and they were truly thankful for their scholarship awards. They all shared one characteristic – excellence.

It was a joy to work with these young people, and the golfers enjoyed meeting the actual beneficiaries of the funds raised.


Foo said...

I'm guessing "sour" and "crude" must refer to something to do with the oil bidness, but darned if I didn't get an image of folks guzzling Granny Smith appletinis and belching unabashedly.

Janie said...


Thanks, Foo! I'm glad I was drinking Aquafina!!

BTW, a lot of that went on. I would write about it, but that would totally undermine the cause for which we so totally worked our butts off...

(but if I can figure out a way to do it, I will...)