Monday, June 11, 2007

And he looks so innocent!

At lunch last week, we were telling dog stories. One of my customers reminded me of the time around three years ago, that Zack…well, read on.

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Thanks again for all your help on Saturday!!! As always, it was so much fun to have you around, and you were such a huge help. I've gotten a lot of mileage out of your story about your dog locking you out of the house, too!

Talk to you soon!
Executive Director

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Midland, Texas

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Little Moments....Big Magic.


I’m glad our puppy story (which will most likely be Story #332) is providing someone mileage. Zack the pup plus the lifestyle of Steve and Janie equals total confusion, episodes of madness, and days for which we totally cannot account. What did we do before Zack? I’m noticing that I’m having to visit my hair colorist more frequently, not to mention hitting the sack earlier (to provide for those 5 a.m. “need to go outside?” breaks (Story #24)) and put up with lots of whining (Story #76) – and not just from the pup, Zack, but also from Steve (Story #76.5). You’ll have to read the entire book to get the whole story. In a short period of time, we have encountered many “Zack” escapades. The book will probably go to publisher soon, if the pup lives to be 12 months old. Right now, he’s scratching rather lightly on the 5 month door. (Mainly because we’re attending Puppy Training at PetSmart…(passive training, my derriere!!) and we’re afraid Austin, the trainer, will turn us in if Zack comes up missing and/or wounded.)

The title of the book is, “HOW TO TRAIN YOUR HUMANS IN 10 DAYS OR LESS”, by Zack S. (ghost written by his newly adopted parents, Steve and Janie S.)

We’ll invite you to the pawing …I mean signing …probably at Petsmart….

I’m copying this to my pastor and another one of our friends (for godly accountability) and the human grandparents of Zack (which happen to be R. L. XXXX and Curt XXXXXXX), and to the lovely and most optimally graciously forgiving Mrs. Pam O’XXXXXX, at whose house Stories #329,330 and 331 occurred last week while we were visiting. (Pam, the flowers are on the way). Who knows, this entire e-mail could end up to be the preface to the book!!

(For those of you who don’t know, our darling German Shorthair Pointer, Zack, locked me out of the house Saturday morning. I was supposed to be heading to Bowling for Kids Sake, a Big Brothers Big Sisters Function. It was a lovely sight, me running around our very conservative neighborhood (average age of neighbors is 80+) in a t-shirt, flannel pajama bottoms and fuzzy snow boots, hair SCREAMING!, trying to find a phone so I could call Steve to rescue me!! And being February, it was sooooooo cold! Steve and Younger Son were volunteering at the clothing/food drive for Goodwill/Boy Scouts, so of course Steve had to report in to both the Goodwill and the Boy Scout board of directors prior to coming to rescue his bride (all of whom are my peers in the oil industry). Ah, well, you know my favorite saying…”I’m just here to serve!”” I will tell you, though, there is no sweeter sound than the sound of a clacking diesel Ford Powerstroke as it drives up in rescue mode…thanks, Stephen, I love you!!)

By the way, did I tell y’all that Zack is STEPHEN’S dog????

Sandy, Julie, I had a blast at Bowling for Kids Sake, and so did Team Halliburton!!! Y’all did an excellent job!! May we raise quadruple the money next year!!!


---End of Original Message----

Yup, our lives have been anything but boring since Zack was born! And now, he's 3!

Happy doggy paws to each and everyone…


Pam said...

What did we do before Zack and Sweet Pea came into our lives? I still laugh when I read that story. Am also glad that Sweet Pea isn't big enough to lock me out, I think!

Janie said...

Heck, Zack wasn't much bigger than Sweet Pea when he locked me out of the house.

He was just running to catch me and hit the door and his body weight closed it.

Priceless, I tell you.

Absolutely priceless.

Rach said...

I'm so glad my dog is little right about now hehe.