Sunday, June 17, 2007

Random Father's Day Thoughts

MLH and Younger Son today - Father's Day 2007

MLH and I went to breakfast this beautiful Father’s Day morning . We observed lots of families there celebrating their fathers - a blessing to see. Afterwards, we ran errands.

Later, I saw a dad and his young son clamber out of a truck and go into Texas Burger – and I knew they were spending Father’s Day together. My thoughts went to all the fathers in our lives.

Younger Son and MLH have made movie and supper plans, so we’re good there.

Hopefully, Elder Son will call his father today. Elder Son also has two baby sisters (6 and 1) that will be partying down with their Daddy today, so his Dad will get celebrated. And I’m sure they’ll have a special ceremony at church. His Dad and I talk frequently, and ES hasn’t communicated with his Dad since the accident in March. I feel for Elder Son’s Dad today - I know he’ll be thinking about his boy.

Little Brother #1 spent yesterday and last night with us. MLH dropped him off at church this morning. I hope LB1’s church is cognizant today of all the little boys and girls whose fathers are out of the picture. Maybe he’ll honor his grandfather, who has been one of the only fathers he’s ever known.

My own father is deceased. He was in and out of my life until I was 24, when my parents divorced. My Dad chose to divorce my brothers and I as well. During the estrangement, my older brother died of cancer, so my father and my older brother never reconciled. Prior to his death 6 years ago, my brother and I were reconciled to him after 20 years of silence. It was only months before Dad passed, but now he’s in heaven so we’ll see him again, and all will be healed.

MLH’s father also died the same year. He was a man of much wisdom. I loved to sit at his feet and listen. I miss him. MLH misses him. We all do.

I thought of the fathers who are serving in our military and are separated from their children by miles. And the fathers whose sons and daughters are serving their country and can’t be home with their dads today. And I thought about those fathers who have lost their children. This has to be a hard day for some.

In all this, I know one thing - the Father fathers those who are fatherless. He fathered me. And He heals the broken-hearted – another thing I know personally. I’m so thankful – because there’s a lot of brokenness out there.

Lord, today and always, bless all the fathers.


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