Thursday, June 14, 2007

Celebrate good times, c'mon!!

I am glad to tell you that I flew to Houston and back yesterday, via the lovely (ahem) Continental Airlines Volkswagen jet.

And for once, it was an on-time departure. We made it to our appointments in the Woodlands on time!

And better yet, for the first time ever in MY traveling life, the plane touched down in Midland yesterday evening - again, right on time.

The flight didn't cancel.

I didn't have to catch a taxi from IAH to Hobby to grab a Southwest flight to get home to Midland.

The. Flight. Didn't. Cancel.

A miracle, I tell you!! Sound the bells! Fill the streets with laughter and celebration!!

Okay. You're right. I need a life. Or a drink.



Karen said...

I usually fly Continental and I'll tell you I usually am in need of a drink when we land. Just sayin'.

Janie said...

Lord, Karen, it's nice to know I'm not alone in this respect! We have the big Southwest jets, but have the smaller Embrier jets for Continental and AA. If weather or whatever happens, albeit in Honolulu, Continental will cancel one or all of the Midland flights to make room for the rest of their stuff. And that sucks. Just sayin'. :)

So, yeah, I'm with ya, girl.

Panhandle Poet said...

Fly Southwest when ya can
I'm definitely a fan
Stay away from that other flock
'Cause I've got some Southwest stock!

beth said...

I vote for the drink - but yay! You made it home with relatively little issue. That's awesome.

I was waiting for something about the VW jet being a Beetle in reality though. :)

Jeff said...

Any of us who have flown recently, understand, and are celebrating with you.

Janie said...

Poet - you should have another P in your name...prolific Panhandle Poet! I've been enjoying your poems while lurking at your site!

As to Southwest...I fly so much I have one of those little white "companion pass" cards that lets whomever I designate fly for $5 whenever I fly. So I'm personally working on your stock for ya!

Beth - I think it was a Beetle...cause when I stood up, my neck had to curve either right or left...I bet the same thing happens if you try to stand up in a Beetle.

Jeff - I thought about you flying on your's always an adventure, huh?