Saturday, October 24, 2009

Zanna's Growing Up

Zanna at 11 months...

Zanna at three months:

It has happened.

A first in our marriage. I guess we’d been holding our breaths, hoping against hope that it wouldn’t happen to us. Dreamweavers, that’s us! Really, we were delusional.

It has happened, full out, all the way, happened.

When we came home from Memphis, Zanna jumped up on our bed as we were unpacking. I don’t even know what made me look, but I did.

Janie: Oh, no!

ThatManILove: What?

Janie: I think Zanna’s in heat, this time, for real.

ThatManILove: What makes you think that?

Janie: Ummmm, look.

ThatManILove: Oh, yeah, she definitely is in heat. Our baby’s not a baby any more!

Zanna is 15 months old. By rights, she could have been in heat one or two times now, but she’s not been. There have been times I’ve wondered, but I was always wrong. (Well, I’ve not had a female dog in a long time!)

PetSmart has all these cool things now for dogs in heat...diapers. Pads. Cute little ruffly panties.

I had a set ready, just in case this thing ever came to pass. Not that I wanted it to, but, logic says, ya know? And mommies have to be prepared for that special day.

I got ready to go to work.

Janie: Here’s everything, honey, we’re going to have to diaper her. Please help me.

ThatManILove: It won’t be that bad. It will only last 2-3 days.

Janie, smiling: That’s not what I read. Again, here’s everything, honey, we’re going to have to diaper her, now.

Zanna handled the diapering pretty well, and since, has grown accustomed to all her new “finery.”

ThatManILove, however, is having a problem with all of it. You see, he’s home from the field this week, and as such, has most of the doggie duty while I’m working. Zanna has become really huggy, which is cool, but when TMIL has something to do, she won’t get out of his way and has to be in the middle of everything he’s doing. And she’s also very smart, and can strip those little doggie panties off in a New York minute, velcro and all.

She has to be under supervision at all times.

We attended a party tonight, came home, let the dogs in. We got Zanna dressed, and went into our room. The dogs followed. I was putting up some clothes, and realized Zanna was no longer around. I turned and looked out our bedroom door, and saw she was on the living room couch, walking up and down.

We ran into the living room. Zanna had (1) taken off her panties and diaper, (2) walked through all the laundry TMIL had folded, thus unfolding it, and (3) had torn her panties to shreds. All in about 10 minutes times.

TMIL was furious. I was laughing. At 15 months, Zanna still has a lot of puppy behavior in her. Clothes can be washed again, it’s no big deal. And for some unknown reason, I had purchased an extra pair of doggie panties last night.

Thank God.

Now, how long will this stuff last? Because if it’s not over soon, I may have to take vacation and give TMIL a break. He may be experiencing PMS himself.


i beati said...

Hahah Men have far less patience in these situations I think. I have a picture of her and am rolling with laughter.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I would have a heart attack about the laundry... Of course, I've had kid/dirt related situations here - but nothing like that!!

Divine Chaos said...

hehehe GSH's are just rotten already. We had one when I was little .. she was a stinker, but oh so sweet :)

It seems like they stay in heat forever! I hope its over soon for TMYL's sake ;)

Terri aka Pepsi's Mom said...

It's a week going in, a week in, and a week going out........sorry.....That's why Pepsi & Sierra got "fixed"!

Linda said...

She's beautiful!

lakeviewer said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog with your comments. Now, I get to hang out and enjoy your dog too.

Gwynne said...

Ahem...where is the photo of her in her new panties?? :-)

Suzy said...

Girls just never get a break in any species.

darsden said...

sweet baby

Far Side of Fifty said...

It seems to last forever, and I think it just depends on the dog..kinda like women. No one is exactly alike..except maybe we were all a bit bitchy!
Your pup is growing up! Do you plan to breed her the next time she comes into season? The photographs of her are just lovely! :)