Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Restaurant Owners - Get A Clue, We Don't Want The Flu!

Last night, we arranged to meet some friends for supper at a local establishment. Our friends have two young children, who often go with us on our dinner dates.

We beat our friends to the restaurant, and had the table set up for them, including a booster seat. Then, I waved to one of our favorite waitresses.

She said, from across the room, “You don’t want me around.”

I said, “What’s up? Are you sick?”

She nodded affirmatively.

I asked, “Do you have that flu?” and she again nodded.

“Why are you here?” I asked.

She said, “No-one else could work.”

I looked at ThatManILove, and said, “Jena’s sick.” We took one look at each other, and turned to walk out. Our friends had just walked through the door. We told our friends we were leaving, and once they heard the story, they agreed with our decision, and we all walked out.

We’re all doing all we can to keep from getting this flu stuff. And even if it means not eating out, we’ll do it.

The owner came outside forthwith, and asked us if we wanted to order out instead.

Ummmmm, no. No freaking way.

To restaurant owners and managers: I know you have to make a profit. Newsflash: Your health, and the health of your employees and customers, is more important than losing a day or two of revenue.

I don't go to work when I'm co-workers have small kiddos and I don't want to be responsible for getting people sick!

If all your employees were sick, I for one would totally understand if you closed for a couple of days. Just put “Our Employees Have The Flu and We Care About You!”

I would SO understand. And I’d be back in a week or so - instead of running me off, this would make me way more confident in the cleanliness and the health of your employes, your food and your restaurant.

What say you, vibrant readers?


Anonymous said...

I agree.
Health is Wealth - old saying.

darsden said...

Totally agree... When I go shopping with Mom, if somebody coughs around us, we will knock each other over trying to get out the way...LOL yup feel the love and fear of flu!!!

Eric Siegmund said...

Yep. There's no excuse for exposing patrons to a contagiously sick server.

And I shudder to think what's going on, out of sight, in the kitchen!

Sandy Kessler said...

rough yet some people are forced to work by owners rough

Anonymous said...

I'm with you and would have been out of there in a heartbeat. This pig flu thing is taking people down BIG TIME. It's so sad that people (for whatever reason) feel they HAVE to go to work. You did the right thing. :-)


Pam said...

Amen, sister. I cannot bear to think what goes on behind the doors of the kitchen...after working at the Boy Scout Camp I am so nutso about hand washing, etc...I drive myself crazy.

Thanks for doing your part to keep the spread of the flu down.

SueMac said...

I'm totally with you! This flu travels FAST and I'm sure she made several people sick by just being there...... crazy, crazy, crazy! Good for you not even getting it to go.... I don't wanna think what the kitchen staff has if they expect servers to come in sick!

Far Side of Fifty said...

We were in an upscale eating of the customers that came in after us coughed his way all through dinner..I cannot understand why people go out in public when they are ill. If we had not already ordered..we would have left. Did you know that this H1N1 virus can live 2 to 8 hours on objects like door handles and shopping carts. It ought to be a fun winter. :)

Gwynne said...

Hear! Hear!!

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%!!! But many business oweners are greedy bastards and don't care as long as they are making money. I hate germs.

Anonymous said...

I once had a job (in Ohio) and I got sick with the flu after just 2 weeks being there. I left after 3 years and never getting promoted in the company. I was told the reason for not getting anywhere was from when I had called in sick. They would have preferred my being there, barfing my guts out, and subjecting the staff to illness as opposed to staying home a couple days. Not too much respect for their staff. I RAN out that door and never looked back! Funny(sad)thing is-they were insurance brokers, specializing in health care! oh yeah!Cherie.

Linda said...

Don't blame you a bit for leaving- that was the smart thing to do. I don't understand why that place would stay open if their help all had the flu. If the wait staff is ill, then the kitchen staff is certainly affected as well.

Much smarter to close for a few days as you suggested. It would certainly make me more apt to go back later.

Anonymous said...

I agree too, I wouldn't want a sick server delivering my food either. Sometimes though, the employee takes it upon themself to come in and work because they think they need to, it's not always the businesses' fault. As a local business owner myself, I would have sent her home as soon as I found out she was sick. However, ya'll need to realize that many employees, including waitstaff, do not get paid sick leave like many of you probably do. As far as closing a restaurant down, think of all the other employees who may be healthy that need to work to feed their families. Not all businesses are greedy. Because of our business we are able to make donations to churches, schools, non-profits, individuals in need, etc., etc. We want our staff and customers to be healthy and so do most other businesses. We've even added hand sanitizer stations throughout our businesses and use bleach and or sanitizer cloths to wash everything down with regularly.

♥georgie♥ said...

wow...I so agree janie...I took my dad to lunch Monday and the waitress kept coughing into her cuff(and not like a lil cough or smokers cough or a clear your throat cough) and she didnt wash her hands and she brought us our food i could not even eat...could not I told my dad we should leave and go somewhere else he said that would be rude we just got our food...i still refused to eat

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I completely agree - If you can't find people who aren't well enough to serve food, then you really have to close for the night.

shadeb said...

Send that to MRT's letter to the editor!

Suzy said...

I just canceled a lunch with my favorite blogger (who I've never met) because she was getting over the flu. She wanted to put it off a day and I said "Let's do it next week."

I think she thought I was overreacting but I don't care. I will NOT get this or any flu. IF YOU'RE SICK STAY HOME.

Terri aka Pepsi's Mom said...

Would it be OK to shut down the Post Office?
We have sick people at the window all the time. Sneezing on the money, the mail, ect.... We are probably exposed more than anyone, and we get sick very rarely!
I am really touchy about anyone touching my pen, however!
BTW I have heard that dogs can get a form of this flue.....