Thursday, October 15, 2009

Scott's Job Description...or, We May Be Blood Kin

The other day, I mentioned a meeting with a Sr. VP who told me to "write my own job description". My brother, Scott, got a kick out of that, and wrote one for me, as I detailed here on my post.

Finally, after a blogging hiatus, Scott's back. And that "write your own job description" uncorked a river in him...and he wrote his own job description.

I sometimes forget how alike we are...but when I read his self-authored job description, it so fits me. You know we gotta be kin!

Go here, and read Scott's real self-authored job description. You'll enjoy it!

PS - Scott...I shot 81/100 today! Come and get me!


Joanie M said...

Your brother has a way with words!

Harlem's A Hatin said...

Very nice job description!

scotte said...

81....hmmmmmmm. Talking on your blckbrry again while shooting huh?

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