Friday, October 16, 2009

Where in the World is Janie This Weekend??

We’re heading out today to places unknown. Anyone want to venture a guess as to where?


We’re flying. Southwest Airlines (of course! ThatManILove gets to fly for $10! How else would we go?) And then, driving...just for a bit. Oh, oops, I forgot to book the rental car. Okay. Now, that is fixed...I was more than a little worried about hitchhiking, with my luggage, camera and computer.

Attractions in the area:





That doesn’t give it away?

Here are some artists that sang a song or two with one common theme - and the songs each featured the name of the city we’re heading towards.

LeAnn Womack

Lucinda Williams

Marc Cohn

Arlo Guthrie

Pam Tillis

Alanna Myles

Chuck Berry

ZZ Top

To the first one that gets it right, I’ll send you a souvenir from the town!

Okay, now that idea brings back memories in it’s own right. We are heading to a special event of a certain blogger. And said blogger won one of my “Where am I?” blog contests one time, and I sent her hand-decorated wine glasses from the town where I happened to be.

Life really is a circle, isn’t it?


macwoman66 said...

Memphis!!!!!! Only place I can think of that all have sung about, but then again I'm not very good when it comes to remembering song titles and lyrics.... Have a great time whereever you're going!!

Vodka Mom said...

I am stumped.

but have a great time!!

Terri aka Pepsi's Mom said...

Oh, I was so hoping it was the upland dog event here in KS! But the trees and river thing leaves us out! And I don't think anyone has ever sang or wrote a song about us!
Our dogs are out of shape since it has been so hectic around here....but they will still have fun! Have fun in Jamaica? (That is what came up when I Googled trees, river, safari,Blues)Actually I vote for Memphis too!

Irish Gumbo said...

Doh! It's gotta be Memphis! But I'm 4th, darn...

Anonymous said...

Memphis. But looks like I'm a day late and a dollar short :-)

Have fun!!

Pam said...

Memphis. Dang, I see I'm not the first to guess it. Drat it all. I didn't know til I saw Marc Coen's name since I'm not big on country music. Have fun.

midlife slices said...


The Doozie said...

chattenooga. or maybe australia

Travis Erwin said...

Memphis was my guess as well.

SueMac said...

Of course, it's Memphis! And I'm too late! Hope you had fun!

Divine Chaos said...

gotta be Memphis .. only because its my favorite Marc Cohn song lol