Friday, September 7, 2007

You never know who lives in Midland...

Spoke on the phone at length (rather, listened at length) to my newest best friend, J. P. Yousha, who you may know as an accomplished dog trainer and author of some renown. I have contacted J. P. in my desperate search for help with the Zackster. She is one smart cookie. Read Zack’s mail, she did. Mine, too. She grew up around German Shorthairs in Germany, worked with many breeds, and now lives here in Midland and raises champion Great Danes.

In Midland, Texas - who knew? (Jimmy the P, you might want to meet her, I’m sure she’d be a blast to interview!) As J. P. was talking to me today, I was perusing her website, and I amazed at the number of publications this woman has authored. On the phone, she was very down to earth, and just talked straight to me. She even told me one of Zack’s biggest problems is pure testosterone (he’s not yet been neutered.) Anyway, Zack & I look forward to meeting her next week. (Yes, Zack...remember, he's very social. And at times, he even talks!) Then J.P. will design 6-8 weeks of homework for us to do, a very detailed plan, and will be monitoring our progress by phone calls and e-mails.

In one day, Zack’s behaviour is already turning to the good. He slept in his crate last night (much to his dismay) and will again tonight. Before you feel sorry for this big lug that has totally consumed over our lives, know this – he is one well-loved animal. And he’s going to have to go through some tough love for us to get him back where you might want to come visit us! He’s already looking me in the eye (he had totally stopped doing such.)

I’m going to take him to the field early in the morning and give him another try with birds and see how he responds to me. It may be early yet, but we have a field trial next weekend, and I need to measure his progress.

I know y’all are sitting on the edge of your seats awaiting a Zack the Wonder Dog report.

Don't fall all things, be safe.


Tricia said...

Oh, if there were only a J.P. Yousha for kids.

Janie said...

No doubt, Tricia!