Friday, September 21, 2007

Texas Highways and Byways...

Okay, I know all you city folk understand what’s going on here…but I was clueless. Well, clueless, in a "when are they going to start the toll road?" kind of way. I had wondered, when driving around Lewisville, Tx. up to Allen, Texas, why it said SH121 was a toll road, but there were no booths. As some of you know, SH121 is always under construction, I just figured they were getting ready to make it a tollway.

Well, I no longer puzzle over the quandary that is SH121.

Today, I received an invoice from the Texas Tollways, Texas Dept. of Transportation. The invoice is complete with my tag number (how do they do that?) and the times of entrances and exits on and off SH121. And for their efforts, a paper invoice was generated for $2.40 worth of exits and entrances, plus a $1.00 invoicing fee.

I’m glad to pay it (and did so, online), but it makes one wonder…about wandering up and down the Metroplex.

So, what happens when you’re in a rental car?

PS – Foo and Turtle, you should have warned me! Half of this stuff happened when we were coming to meet y’all for lunch! (Though the lunch, and the pleasure of meeting y'all, was well worth the tolls!)


scotte said...

janie , they do have a little box that you can buy that has been preloaded with tolls. rental cars come with contracts.
you still get the bill.
modern technology!!!!!!

sandykessler said...

Do you have a toll pass to buy there?

Janie said...

Sandy - I don't know - the Metroplex is 350 miles from here. Usually, I'm in set areas - I'm just in that one area once annually. The set areas in which I travel don't have toll roads.

Now in Houston, it's a different story.