Saturday, September 1, 2007

Maybe revisited #1

Progress thus far on the list of “Maybes” I posted last night.

Maybe, we’ll go to the movies. (not yet, but it’s early in the weekend)
Maybe, we’ll go out of town. (plan to, short trip, took a nap instead, don’t know if we’re still going)
Maybe, we’ll go practice field trials with Zack. (yep, at dawn this morning, with my hunting buddies).

Zack was a twerp, after he went on point, as soon as I got to the bird, he would reach in and try and grab it with his mouth. Zack absolutely would not hold point. Another hunter was with me, working with us. I’m not sure if that confused Zack, but we definitely have a dominance problem and in his mind, I am not the boss, he is. We have to fix that, and soon.

I did get to take some great pix of my buddies and their dogs on point and bringing back birds. One of the dogs, Rowdy, Zack's grandpa, is going blind. I'm not sure how much longer Rowdy will be able to hunt, so I hope all the pix turn out great for my friend.

All of the hunting crew then met the electrician at Bob & Cherie’s and finished putting in their stove and hooking up to electricity so now, they’re cooking w/ Crisco! Woohoo! We left amidst promises of supper soon. We then came back to town to eat breakfast (yup, 12 noon) at IHOP. Thought we’d make a short run to Hobbs to visit friends, but came home to change out of hunting boots…and that’s as far as we got. We were tired!!

We did take some minutes to take Zack outside in the front yard, put his shock collar on, run him through some exercises, and he immediately started minding commands. Didn’t miss a lick. We are going to be in dog rehab all week, hopefully by this weekend, I’ll have him back on his best behavior. If I can’t control him in the field, we’re in bad shape.

Baby’s gotta behave, don’t ya know.


Panhandle Poet said...

Sometimes the best thing is a nap...zz.z.zzzzzz.z

Sandy Kessler said...

the kitchen looks wonderful what a blessing I have electricians coming this week 4 rooms popping

sandykessler said...

maybe I love this blog

Anonymous said...

maybe the wonder dog was a member of PETA before you got him

Janie said...

Naps are good, Poet. We've done maybe too much of that this weekend? Nah, never...It's been a very restful weekend.

Sandy - I've got more pix of work at Cherie and Bob's...I'll try to post them. It was a good time.

Doozie - I should be a member of whatever organization is like PETA, but for owners. We've let the wonder dog boy take over the house. He's a smart one, he'll catch on quick, I promise.