Saturday, September 29, 2007

Girls just wanna have...camo!

It’s midnight, Friday night. I returned from Lubbock about an hour ago, and Zack the Wonder Dog greeted me at the front door. MLH has a rig running and is staying at Pecos, and will be in tomorrow evening.

I had a great time in Lubbock – had supper with my friend Suzan Thursday night, then we met Elder Son and a friend and watched them eat supper. We all stayed up way too late, and then got up early this morning and made the grand opening of Lubbock’s new… (wait for it!)

Gander Mountain!

(Well, what did you expect? I shoot, I hunt, I fish, I have a sport dog, and dude, they have the cutest camo stuff for women!! Woohoo!! And Suzan was after the Pink Ladies 20 gauge Remington – it’s so cute…it has “Shoot like a girl – if you can!” carved into the stock.)

MLH calls while I’m checking out. The reason for my trip was a haircut and shopping to augment my portfolio of formal wear for our impending annual Santa Fe business trip/boondoggle. Here’s the drill of the call:

MLH: “Hey, sweetie, whatcha doing?”

Me: “Wow, Suzan and I are in Gander Mountain, I’m about to go to my hair appointment. This store is way cooler than the one in Houston! They have the neatest clothes and I got you a new field jacket and both of us matching Columbia orange fleece jackets for hunting and I got Zack a new leash and some choke tube lube and...and...what? What did you say, honey?”

MLH: “I said, Jane, you’re supposed to be shopping for formal gear, and Gander Mountain has no formal clothing line. Don't forget the purpose of your trip, girly!”

Me: "But..."

MLH: "Jane..."

Me: “I know, I’m heading to Dillards and Coldwater Creek, I promise.”

MLH: “You’re 5 days to countdown, get that shopping done, girl, so we can get you packed Sunday. Spend the night, if you need to do so.”

Me: "I can't, we have a training run with Zack at dawn Saturday!"

MLH: "Zack can wait until we get back from Santa Fe, woman. Get. The. Shopping. Done."

Me: “I’m on it, I’m checking out now. I did find some cool stuff to wear at Santa Fe here, you’ll like it!”

MLH: “Jane. (Pregnant pause, in a very sweet, yet exasperated way.) Formal stuff.”

Me: “Okay. I’m all over it…right after I get my hair cut. Wait, wait, ma’am…before you total my ticket, can you snag me that cute pink camo Mossy Oak cap, please? ... Okay, yes, honey, I'm listening! I'll call you when I'm finished, okay? I love you!”

I did get my shopping done. I think I’m good. Had supper tonight with Suzan’s family, and Elder Son joined us. It was good to see everyone.

And MLH is going to be so very happy…at least until he sees his bills.


Anonymous said...

someone said the other day, there is some kind of knowledge about a girl that wears camo, but he would not elaborate. So there you go. I once wore a starbucks camo print and observed people un-noticed for hours

In_spired said...


You have what I've been looking for...a blogroll of Texas Bloggers!

I'm not in WTex at the present, though I spent many years in Littlefield. Daughter and family farm in Seminole.

We came back home, Munday, Texas, NC Tex, when we retired.

Now...the stalking begins!


Tricia said...

Cabela's is the name of the game in SE Michigan. And there is only one. It's in Dundee, a little town between here and the Ohio border, and it is THE economy of the town. It is HUGE! People around here talk about going to shop there like Texans talk about going to Dallas or Houston to shop at their Gallerias.

We have Gander Mountain too, but they're usually stuck on the end of a strip mall. Bah.

Janie said...

Ba are hilarious, girl. I keep thinking about the Boy videos every time I see one of those ball displays in a store. You have ruined me. Just sayin'.

In_Spired - welcome back! You'll find this bunch is cRaZy and will welcome you back with waaaaaay open arms. I have friends in Munday!!

Tricia - since you left, Cabelas has a huge store in Fort Worth and it is awesome!

In_spired said...

Morning Glory! Didn't know whether you would go back to your ? or not. Yes, it's a small place here...everybody knows everybody! L & C Thompson, and their family are great assets to our hometown. Love them! C and I have been in a Bible Study for the past 10 weeks. Such a joy!

Janie said...

In_Spired - tell Cindy hi! We have mutual friends in the Lord in Doug and Rita Roberts as well (from Frederick).

I met Cindy way back, right when I first came to the Lord. She is such a blessing. Please tell her I said hi!

cherie said...

Janie - Hilarious! Didn't know Gander Mountain was so big here. I worked for the Construction Company that built the Cabela's in Dundee, and after all the corporate hoopla - I never did go there. Everytime I get back that way I think "I really should check it out" My family loves that place and can spend the day there. Dundee used to be like Stanton - big time yawning festival! Ha!

Janie said...

Cherie - anything like that is going to be big here. I like Cabelas and Bass Pro, as well.

But Gander Mtn did make a big initial hit with me, and, they are close - so we'll probably frequent them.

Rach said...

Sounds like you had fun being distracted shopping hehe!

Janie said...

Rach - I did! You would have loved it!