Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I feel like I’ve been run over by a train and I cannot get motivated. Saturday evening, I started feeling yukky and it worsened throughout the weekend. I ditched work Tuesday and went to the doctor. Diagnosis? Throat and ear infection. Lovely. And to top it off, Zack the Wonder Dog is making me crazy.

On a scale of 1 to 10, here’s my motivation level…

6 – answering phone calls from customers and trying to sound upbeat and help them.
5 – answering phone calls from coworkers and trying to sound upbeat and help them.
7 – answering e-mails (it’s easier, no talking) but my attitude might not be perfect
1 – putting on a load of laundry since it’s sitting there anyway.
2 – answering repeated pleas from Zack (he doesn’t need anything, he’s bored – but it’s better than leaving him in the back and hearing him bark because he knows I’m inside.)
10 – sleeping – it’s all I really want to do.

I’m ready to get better and back to real work. BTW, daytime TV sucks - if I could ever stay awake long enough to watch it.


Karen said...

Feel better soon, Janie. Both my guys are sick with lousy summer colds. Yuk.

Jeff said...

Janie, where does skeet-shooting come in, on a scale of 1-10? :-)

Seriously, get well soon!

Janie said...

Thanks, Karen. Hope your guys get better soon, as well.

Jeff - right now, minus 10. Thanks! I'm trying to get better.

Gwynne said...

Take all your pills! And hope you're feeling better real soon.

Sandy Kessler said...

My sentiments on daytime also . I know you are one who would rather be outdoors anyway.. So many people I know are dripping and sneezing at the moment- Bonne sante

Pam said...

Headline in FW Startlegram claims this will be the worst year for allergy sufferers due to amazing ragweed. Picture shows one that is 12 FEET TALL! Cut those suckers down, now.

As Gwynne said, take ALL your pills.

Yes, there is a paucity of good things on TV in the daytime. Once Jeopardy is over, I'm done for the day. I recommend a good movie, put Zacky on bed with you and enjoy.

Get better soon.


Janie said...

Thanks, Gwynne. I will!

Sandy, thanks!

Pam - our weeds are chemically killed. However, everyone else's??? No way. Zack did spend a huge amt of time with me on the bed yesterday, so that helped. I am amazed at how well he can sleep, day or night.