Saturday, September 15, 2007

Two in the Bag Beats One in the Bush

Dawn found us heading to Moss Creek Lake east of Big Spring for a field trial. This was my third venture shooting over Zack the Wonder Dog. It was a very hot day, so we threw Zack into the horse trough prior to his run. He just stood there and cooled down. He loved it.

Other than the brush being butt high and super wide, we did pretty well. Zack couldn’t run in it, the brush was so thick, but he looked absolutely beautiful jumping over those pre-tumbleweeds. Finding birds after they were down was very difficult.

I shot my first chukkar, and Zack brought it back to me, almost…for a partial retrieve. The second one, same thing. It was so hot, Zack thought close enough was…close enough. The boy drank 2 bottles of water in the 20 minutes we were out there. I shot my third bird, and Zack went for the retrieve. The bird got up and flew again, and I didn’t know I could take another shot at him. My trainer was walking beside me, but because a judge was with us, he couldn’t advise me. We timed out.

I’ll get all these rules down. Andy (my trainer) called me this evening and told me that if I had bagged three birds, I would have been in the top three finishers. That is a testament to the heat of the day, and again, the thickness of the brush, because there are some stout shooters and dogs out there. One of the guys told MLH that “once that girl gets all the rules down, she’s going to be a contender.”

High praise from a bunch of hairy legs, as MLH calls them.

We had a good time. And we’re leaving at 5:45 a.m. to go pick up a customer and go dove hunting. Woohoo!


Rach said...

High praise indeed mrs contender!

sandykessler said...

I'm lookin gup chukkar sounds like fun

Janie said...

Thanks, Rach!!

Sandy - it is fun.