Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday, in the park...I think it was the 4th of July

I always liked that song!

Busy day. MLH got in from the oilpatch late last night, and was exhausted. This morning found us south of town by dawn at the hunting field. Ran Zack on three quail – all went pretty well. I never missed a bird, which means Zack was a very happy camper. He retrieved two to hand, the third was full of stickers, and he brought it within one step and dropped it. In a field trial, we would have rocked. I consider it a win, just because he pretty well obeyed.

I was able to take more hunting pictures of Rowdy, my friend’s dog who has gone blind. I’m pretty happy with the shots, I hope my friend will like them as well. I’ll post some of them when I get them downloaded.

We then ran back in to town for my nail appointment (maintenance is key!), then home for showers, and off to Goldsmith we drove to the Annual Fife-Waters Invitational Shoot. It was a lot of fun, but mucho caliente! Saw lots of friends, and met a lot of people. One lady asked advice about shooting lessons, and I mentioned Dan Carlisle comes to Windwalker Farms. She told me he was booked up this weekend. I looked at her, and the light bulb went on. I’m scheduled for shooting lesson at 8am Sunday morning. I’m so glad she mentioned it, I had totally forgotten…I had made the appointment months ago and didn't write it down.

Then, Elder Son called, and wants us to meet him in Big Spring tonight. It will be around 10pm or so, based on his current location down I-20. He’s hauling horses cross country for some PRCA team topers, and won’t be back in the area for a month or so. Since it’s been that long already since I’ve seen him, we’ll be trekking east in an hour or so – what a day!

We are tired. We really had intended to dig in this weekend, call this one to be a rest weekend, alone, with no distractions. But, um…things happen.

After my shooting lesson in the morning, we’re shutting down for the weekend.

More than ready. Y’all have a good one!


sandykessler said...

How sad a blind dog,3 of my last sight hounds went blind. They always look so quizzical like what happened. Love the song too.

Janie said...

Sandy - yes. It's a hard deal, definitely. I feel for my friend.

Rach said...

Hope you got some r and r!

Janie said...

Well, I didn't...not much, anyway...but I tried!

Thanks, Rach!