Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Vacation? (Sounds of Belinda, Jane, Charlotte, Gina, and Kathy ringing through my head.)

Do you find you've unused vacation at year end? No? I concede defeat - you are more intelligent than…moi! Every year, I say "Never again!" So, I tried to schedule all my days for the end of the year.

It's not working. And I'm not the only one, according to
this article.

Supposedly, I've been "taking vacation" since the 15th of December. Today is the 20th. I've been at the office every day, generating proposals, making calls, responding to e-mails. I'm still scheduling my customer appointments, with the exception of tomorrow, when I'll head north to Lubbock with my friend Lisa.

This has been an extremely active year in all facets of the Oilpatch. I'm not the only one with vacation days unused. Those drilling rigs don't stop punching holes just because someone needs a vacation. At the current price of oil and gas, we might see a slight decline, but all indicators say busy, busy, busy. I'm an excellent time manager…and I'm keeping lists of my lists. Thank God for my
Franklin Covey Plan Plus program. I've used it for years, and it promises to help me "Get Organized. Focus on Priorities. Accelerate Productivity." I'm ready.

Hats off to the Midland Robert E. Lee High School Orchestra – they did all my Christmas wrapping this year, and did it well! Jordan G. and crew came out to my Yukon, picked up the presents, took them into the mall, wrapped them, and called me on my cell to inform me the 30+ packages were ready (we adopted families through Salvation Army). I called them when I arrived back at the mall, Jordan and crew came back out, packages in hand, and loaded them in my truck. Now that, people, is service! If you need some wrapping done, take your things to the mall. They're in the JC Penney's court, directly in front of Dillard's (Men & Juniors) store.

Merry Christmas shopping to each and every one! I'm heading north…to Lubbock.


Karen said...

Seems my hubs may have a bit of your problem over this Christmas long weekend. He came in this evening, an hour later than usual, and said he may have to go in over the weekend. He's working on a project due Jan.1
But, better busy than not, especially in drilling! You know that.
Merry Christmas.

Eric said...

It could be worse, Janie. You could work for a Scrooge of a boss who doesn't even give vacation days. Like my boss, for example. ;-)

Janie said...

Karen - we know better than most where the saying "You know the drill" came from, huh?

Eric - you could file an employee grievance, but since you are multi-talented and function as janitor, HR, and El Presidente Jefe, you might not get the result you most desire...;)

Gwynne said...

Glad to know I'm in good company. ;-) Hats off to those of us with vacation time to burn but no way to burn it. Wish our firm had a use it or give it away policy (instead of the use it or lose it policy that we currently "enjoy"). Hrmph.

Janie said...

Me, too, Gwynne. I did get all day on Thursday when I went to Lubbock - but Friday morning found me back in the office! Yikes.

Maybe soon we'll snag away for more than a long weekend!

Merry Christmas!