Friday, December 29, 2006

Get You Some Happyness!

Happy anniversary to us! We’ve had a great couple of days since last post. Our anniversary was yesterday – we ran a few errands, went to lunch. Then we met friends at the new Will and Jaden Smith movie, The Pursuit of Happyness. Later, we went to one of our favorite restaurants, the Garlic Press. If you’ve not visited the GP, please give it a try. The food is awesome. We had a delightful afternoon, and evening, with each other, and with friends.

Back to “Happyness”…we liked this film, a lot. The story deals with the daily ins and outs of a strong father-son relationship inundated with hardship. Mom leaves, dad and son have to go it alone. Hard things. Eviction. IRS garnishment. Stout stuff singly – much more as a parent.

MLH and I both have been married previously, so a lot of things hit home. But if I were giving a review, I’d say, “Hie thee unto the theatre – post haste!” Will Smith is an excellent actor…but little Jaden steals this film. He is such a natural.

Usually, I’m a sucker for a film like this…but yesterday, I was not alone. The almost full theatre spontaneously erupted in applause at the end of the movie.

Go! Buy tickets. Buy popcorn. Watch all the trashy pre-movie stuff (or visit with your friends.) Then, sit back, and enjoy.

You might just learn to spell happyness in a whole new way.


Gwynne said...

Happy Anniversary!! Sounds like a fun movie...will check it out...thanks!

Janie said...

Thanks, Gwynne! It was a great day!

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) Anniversary, Janie

Janie said...

Thanks, Tracy! Happy New Year!