Monday, December 18, 2006

Dakota's Quik & Rowdy Zack

And he sleeps…

It’s been a long day. We were in the oilpatch until late last night, and Zack (our GSP) was relegated to our back yard. We both worked late today, and Zack was exultant when I opened the gate. And what a welcome is Zack's!

He jumped the gun a little coming into the house. Usually, Zack is a perfect gentleman, waiting until I cross the threshold of the door, and then coming in only when I invite him. Good PetSmart puppy obedience training!

I had to play a little fetch (yes, inside) to calm him down. He ate a bit, brought me his green frog, played, then it was time to snuggle. We’re on our bed, waiting on MLH to arrive home. When Zack hears that Ford Powerstroke dieseling up the drive, he’ll repeat the entire routine again – because he’s got us both fooled that each of us is his chosen master!

For now, our beautiful boy snores…loudly.


Gwynne said...

I'm stumped...what is "GSP?" Zach sounds like a great companion. And very obedient. Smokey never lets me cross the threshold first. Never. ;-)

Janie said...


GSP is an abbreviation for German Shorthair Pointer. And a great companion he is!