Sunday, December 17, 2006

Jerrie's Café – Kermit, America

Today, friends scheduled to go with us to visit one of MLH's leases. We left our house about 6:20 a.m. to go pick them up. We were supposed be there 6 a.m., but Zack, our GSP, heard the truck running, and assumed we were going hunting. Zack promptly went outside, and parked himself by the open door of the truck, ready to assume his position. He would not move. He looked at us like, "Where are your guns?" We finally got Zack coaxed back in to the yard, and left.

Picked up our friends, stopped by Starbucks, and headed west towards Mentone and beyond. Our plans were to stop at the Town and Country at Kermit, get breakfast as well as a Subway sandwich for lunch, and head on out to the lease. As soon as we get out of Starbucks, we are enveloped in a heavy fog all the way to Kermit, Texas.

Our timing was such that we hit the Kermit Town and Country simultaneously with the later oilfield crowd, stocking up for breakfast. And we couldn't get the deli help to pay attention to us at the Subway counter. After a little discussion, I asked MLH to go inquire about any breakfast restaurant that might be open on Sunday in Kermit.

Their reply? Jerrie's Café. My heart leapt! This is a place I frequent when we get through with our big frac jobs at Mentone. It might be 4 p.m. when we're released to come eat lunch, but they're always ready to serve us. My crew loves eating there, the food is great, and it's always fun. The wait help is oilfield-friendly. We can come in wearing our coveralls and steel-toes and it's no problem. Jerrie's is a biker bar by night, café by day. We grabbed snacks for later, and hopped back in the truck, planning to do a late lunch in Pecos on the way home. We headed a couple of blocks west, to sample Jerrie's breakfast fare.

We walk in, grab a table. I'm the only one of us four that's ever been to Jerrie's. There's already quite a crowd there, and they are wondering who the heck we are – it's obvious we're not locals. The air is thick with smoke…and Jerrie is wearing jeans, shirt, her flannel robe, and her fuzzy slippers. My traveling companions are decidedly curious, but they go with the flow. A lovely young lady comes to our table, takes our drink orders, and gives us menus.

A second later, I am laughing out loud. On the menu, there are things like:


Suicide Burrito
(or just tell me what you want)


Omelet with meat (your choice)
Pain in the A** Omelette
(or just tell me what you want)

I ask our waitress, "What's a suicide burrito?"
"Whatever the cook decides to put in there, depending on his mood." she replies.

And, I fall for the second one…"What about the Pain in the A** Omelet?" She just looks at me and grins.

I can only imagine. We all order pretty traditional breakfasts.

About that time, we realize that Jerrie is in a confrontation with one of the locals. She's teasingly harassing him, I think, but quickly, he gets up to leave. About that time, she starts clapping, and says, "Hey, y'all, ***** is leaving, yeahhh!" All the locals join her in clapping, and she kind of pushes him out the door.

About 10 minutes later, Jerrie gets back up from her table, and goes into the kitchen, and comes back out with a baby bottle about half full with coke, or coffee, or something. She delivers it to another table inhabited by two grown men, with a smart remark about no whining. She says, "I got in at 5 a.m., I do not want to hear it." They duck their heads, but they're smiling. Who knows?

Our breakfasts are delivered, and they are delicious. We've had an entertaining morning. We finish, pay the check, and head west. It's going to be a great day!


Bill said...

A "pain in the ass" omlette sounds like a good idea at the time.

Like riding on the roof of a car.

Or running naked through the Bowler's Bar.

Or saying, on any ill-advised occasion, "Hey, y'all, watch this!"

Rachel said...

It did sound like an entertaining morning!

Gwynne said...

Sounds like Jerrie has staked out her little piece of the universe. ;-)

Karen said...

I'm pleased to be lead to your blog by Cowtown Pattie! My husband is in the drilling biz, himself, so I say you go, girl! It's a tough industry for women. I am proud to say that I have been on a drill rig, a jackup rig that was in dry dock for repairs! I will add you to my blogroll and check in frequently!

Janie said...

Bill - you made me laugh early this morning!

Rachel - my husband will tell you all my days are interesting. I think they're just "usual"! ;)

Gwynne - you've definitely got Miss Jerrie pegged. She's a sweetie, really. And she rules!

Karen - great to hear from you! Drilling is my passion as well, and I know from your language that man of yours must drill offshore. I work with the national AADE board, so we might meet someday!

Jim said...

Dang. I want to eat at Jerrie's.

Janie said...

When you come back to this part of the sticks, we'll take you to Jerrie's, I promise.

Eric said...

Yeah, I've never eaten at Jerrie's either. Well, it's not like we're frequent visitors to fact, I can't remember the last time I was through there (and, really, "through there" is the only reason for being there...unless Jerrie's is your destination!).

Janie said...

Sad, but true, Eric.

We could do a blogger road trip out there...heck, it could be the next fine dining destination for you guys! I mean, how can you top "The Italian Ristorante"?