Saturday, December 16, 2006

What's In A Name?

What's in a name? Everything!

After many months and days of contributing to blogs, I've finally taken the plunge. The decision had already been made, probably from my first contribution to Eric's blog, what, a year ago? All along came the encouragements from all my favorite bloggers, i.e. "Go ahead, Janie, blog!", and many e-mails and questions and answers traded back and forth between bloggers and myself.

But. I'd. Not. Thought. About. A. Title. For. My. Blog.

Now, that's planning ahead.

Well, to my credit, I didn't think I'd start the blog until after the first of the year - when hopefully, we would be through the holiday party cycle, the duplex would be finished, all my end of the year reports at work would be submitted in a timely fashion, hunting season would be over, the sporting clay season would not have yet started, blah, blah, blah.

("Oh, ye of little patience," she mutters to herself.)

So, last night, I started the process of setting up the blog. And then I found I had to name the thing! Worked on it for about an hour, or three. Wrote down all these possibilities, all the while checking on availability. Ran into the bedroom to vet the choices to MLH, who promptly said, "Janie, not now, honey!" and turned over and went back to sleep. Bummer. In the process, I woke up our beautiful solid liver colored 3 year old GSP, Zack, who promptly took the opportunity to go outside - and it was what, 44 degrees? Ah, well, y'all know the drill.

Well, I'm here. I've taken the plunge. Chosen a name. Created a baby template that should mature as I learn this game. Hopefully, I can live up to the demands of posting regularly and well, all the while having fun and creating some enjoyment for others.

Zack and I are heading up to the duplex to check on Stephen (and progress of the duplex renovation!)

Have a lovely, blessed day today!


Eric said...

And I'm proud -- oh-so-proud! -- to leave the first comment. Here's to many good times in the blogosphere...welcome, amiga.

beth said...

Yay for you for taking the plunge. Naming is a challenging proposition, isn't it? :) Glad you found something fitting (I like it, btw, not that that really matters much, but it's one more vote of confidence.)

Now off to add you to my blogroll since I notice I'm in yours and I always enjoy your comments over at Eric's. :)

gwynne said...

Ah, ha! We've got you now! ;-) Welcome and congratulations and all that. That's how it happens, by the way, first an innocent e-mail or two, a little dabbling onto Blogger's website and then, before you know it and before you were planning to do anything, wham! A blog is born.

And then all of us show up on your doorstep begging for food and beverage. ;-)


Jim said...


Don't make too many demands of yourself, we're just happy you started.

And thanks for putting me on your roll, you can bet I'll reciprocate! In fact, gonna go do that now.

Jim from

Janie said...

Eric, Beth, Gwynne, Jim - Thanks so much for the warm welcome to the blogosphere!

Y'all bear with me as I stumble on until I get the hang of it all - I'm sure I'll still have plenty of questions!

Thanks again!

Pancho said...

We look forward to much wisdom, wit and important blog business from you! Now let's get a picture on that "Profile" page!

Janie said...

I'll be doing that soon, Wallace, I promise! Thanks for the welcome!

Rachel said...

Good to have you on board and I've of course, linked you!

Jennifer said...

Am I the only one with Aerosmith's "Janie's got a blog...." running through my head?
Welcome to blogging, Janie. Very excited to hear your soundings!

Badoozie said...

wow, look at you...already all these friends, lucky girl!! welcome!

Janie said...

Wow! Just returned home from a party to find more comments! How exciting is this? YEAHHHHH! Thanks for the welcome, Rachel, Jennifer and Badoozie!

Cowtown Pattie said...

See, the water's not that cold!

And you've progressed swimmingly!

Thank you for your kind inclusion of Texas Trifles on your blogroll!

Glad you've decided to blog. It's a strange sort of pasttime, but obviously, a lot of us like it.

Chuckle, "Janie's Got a Blog"....

Janie said...

Thanks, Pattie, for the warm welcome! How could I not include Texas Trifles? It's always an entertaining read!