Saturday, December 16, 2006


Thinking back over the last week, we've had a pretty full Christmas social season.

Last Saturday was crazy – an 8am 'til noon "Christmas with Santa" with our Big Brothers Big Sisters kids, then a wedding at 2pm, another wedding at 2:30pm, party following, then another Christmas party at 6pm. The rest of the week followed suit, with a function almost every night and sometimes two.

But this Saturday night's party seemed different from the onset. It was hosted by a lovely family that I met some years back, as customers. Our relationship has since grown into friendship. The mix of people attending the party was absolutely perfect. Some, we met for the very first time. Some were co-workers. Some were customers, and yet others, peers.

MLH and I milled about and visited for a bit, enjoying the elaborate fare. Then, one of the hosts gained the attendees' attention, welcomed us all, and started the party off with a prayer.

Personally, I've prayed many a time before I enter an event like this – for favor, just asking the Lord to be with me, etc. That probably sounds weird, but, hey, the oilfield can be a tough place – and I'm definitely one of the few women in this industry. (Thank God for my supportive husband!)

Somehow, tonight was different. MLH & I knew that there would be people there we did not yet know, of course – and that's always a little intimidating. We also knew we were supposed to be there, at this party – kind of a divine appointment thing.

We walked in the door and were welcomed with hugs and kisses. Immediately, MLH ran into one of his earliest clients as an independent in his 23-year career, and their relationship was renewed. Through another introduction at the party, and a subsequent anecdotal story, I saw a young man's father honored in front of many. And yet another man approached my husband, asking him to do some consulting for him. It was a very special night…and it only got better. I think it is all because the hosts had already determined to honor the Lord, before the party ever even kicked off, before the prayer was ever uttered.

On the way out the door, I told another of the hosts, "Have a merry Christmas." And he said, "We will. Y'all will, too, 'cause you know what I know about y'all? I know that y'all know the true Reason for this Season."

We do know. Yet, we are thankful to be reminded.


Jim said...

That's awesome!

Say, what's it like having a social life?

I asked for one for Christmas but I don't think the odds are good.

Gwynne said...

Sounds like you picked the perfect week to start a blog! ;-)

Most of the parties I've attended have been of the "Holiday" variety. Your post was a shot in the arm for my case of da blues. Thank you! :-)

Janie said...

Jim, be careful what you ask for, dude! We're a bit overwhelmed. And I distinctly remember in the not too recent past wondering why all these people were invited to parties, when we weren't. It's all good. You know you could head back out to West Texas and party with all of us anytime.

Gwynne, you are so very welcome. Thank you!!

Jim said...

You know you could head back out to West Texas and party with all of us anytime.

Oh, I plan on it.

Anonymous said...

Very nice entry Janie. I just stopped by to say "howdy", and welcome to the world of blogging. Read about your new site over at Cowtown Pattie's place. It is a good thing to honor the Lord this time of year, and always. Amen! Merry Christmas...

Janie said...

Thanks for the warm welcome, Trace! And any friend of Pattie's is a friend of mind! God bless you and have a Merry Christmas.