Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Welcome to Cathy and Melanie!

Please, please welcome to the Midland Blogosphere – my friends Cathy over at Cat's Page and Melanie at Blonde Mafia and the Godfather.

These ladies are sweet, sweet, sweet – both of them, hard-working moms. I think they blog to debrief, because it’s fun, and they also use it as a great place to showcase their families and the beautiful babies in their lives, and of course, their dogs!

Their blogs are fairly new, so go back to their oldest posts and read forward – they’ll make you laugh!

Go! Enjoy! Blogroll!


i beati said...

Thanks always looking for new blogs

catd264 said...

Yes I blog to have fun basically. And sometimes no one would believe the things that happen at my house.

Janie said...

Sandy - put them on your blogroll, girl - you'll enjoy their writings!

Cathy - I knew you blogged for fun. And your stories are funny!

Mom Next Door said...

Me- I blog for therapy. There is something about having almost 90% contact all day with a 1 year old and 8 year old that screams, 'give me an adult to talk to!' cause lord knows, there are NO adults at work- with the exception of us females. ;) I'm kidding. A little. ;)

Rach said...

Done and done :)