Friday, January 25, 2008

Living on Transition Time

Sorry I’ve not been posting, but this has been one of the craziest weeks in existence for this girl…I have tried to at least read a few of your blogs, but my computer (it’s a work loaner) keys have been sticking, so I was unable to leave comments.

Sunday morning, we flew to Houston, then came back home late Monday night.

Tuesday, meetings all day at work, and then I gave my resignation notice around 5:30 that evening. Late that night, send out notification e-mails to many of my customers about such notice. It’s hard leaving the “family” at my current job, but I’m excited about my new one which starts soon. Still, I covet your prayers for the transition time.

Wednesday morning, leave for Lafayette for a national board meeting (side events, crawfish boil and a Mardi Gras Social – sweet!).

Thursday morning (prior to the meeting), answer about a million e-mails and phone calls from said customers.

Friday morning, board plane to come back home at 10:30 a.m., finally arrive at Midland around 5 p.m. God bless Continental Airlines, they need it. (Some things never change!)

Yup, it’s been a busy week.


Panhandle Poet said...

Good luck on your new job.

Lone Chatelaine said...

Yay for new job and challenges! You'll do fantastic, I just know it :)

Jeff said...

Janie, My Favorite Landman (who is going through the exact same transition at this time) and I have you in our prayers. Good luck on the new job!

Karen said...

So, what is this about a new job? Sounds exciting.

Don't you love Lafayette? Husband and I lived there about 12 or 13 years. Our son was born there and I helped open the Childrens Museum of Acadiana there. Good times.

Wishing you all the best in your pursuits.

thisisme said...

Wow - sounds like a week of insanity. Congratulations on the new job - can't wait to hear more about the challenges.

Janie said...

Poet - thanks so much!

Chatelaine - it will be hard, but fun - thanks for the good wishes!

Jeff - She sent me an e-mail - she'll like it over there. I know lots of people there! I'll keep y'all in my prayers, too.

Karen - I'll send you an e-mail. I did love Lafayette - you need to go back and see the LITE center! High technology has definitely hit Lafayette!

This is me - Thanks so much! I'm sure it will all come out in time!!

i beati said...

Much luck and many blessings in your new job- revitalization is always good albeit stressful.keep us posted

scotte said...

I'm proud of you Janie. Mom would be too. You know that this new deal will leave you open to the opportunities that will arise for a girl with your knowledge. If I can help with anything-I mean anything-I am just a speed dial away.
love ya ,
scott, and all of the slant+m gang.

Pam said...

Change is never easy, but I think this is going to be such a great opportunity for you! Hang in there girl, may you see the hand of the Lord in all you do. Love you.

Gwynne said...

Prayers and hugs to you in this transition. :-)

Rach said...

Busy - I can relate! I'm sure you will be brilliant :)! I'm pleased for you!

Janie said...

Sandy- thanks, girlfriend.

Scott - you make-a me cry, dude.

PamO - thanks, for EVERYTHING!!

Gwynne - thanks, so much - and hugs back to you, with mucho prayers...

Rach - Uh...duhhh...I dunno about brilliant, but I'll try!