Thursday, January 10, 2008

How to Win Friends and Influence People 101a

My friend Pam O is flying in today.

I called her earlier to let her know that I was making alternate arrangements to pick her up from the airport.

Me: Hey, I’ve got a service quality meeting, so Younger Son will be picking you up from the airport.

Pam O: That’s great!

Me: So, call on his mobile when you hit the runway, and he’ll be at the baggage claim when you come down the escalator. Then, he’s going to take you to lunch, and to the house, and I’ll call you when I get loose.

Pam O: All right, that will be good.

Me: Oh, by the way, we’re going hunting in the morning with some of my customers.

Pam O: (silence)

Me: Not really hunting.

Pam O: Oh, good! (sounding very relieved)

Me: Well, we really are going hunting, but we’re not hunting, I’m just going to be taking pictures.

Pam O: Oh.

Me: It will be fun, I promise. (Oh, yeah, I’m selling hard – I’m thinking Pam’s not quite the hunting type.)

Pam O: (hesitantly) Okay.

Me: So, we’ll have an early morning, but the good side is, we’ll get to hang out together all day.

Pam O: (way less enthusiastic than me) Ooooookay.

That Pam, she’s a trooper! Hmmmmm…wonder how she’ll feel about wearing camo and an orange vest?


Emma Sometimes said...

Hey, as long as there is a dry bed and a toilet....that's my idea of camping. hehe.

Bloggy friends are the best!!!

Sandy Kessler said...

hahahaahy great post ibeati

Janie said...

Emma - That sounds like luxury! Heh.

Sandy - thanks, girl!

In_spired said...

I'm late! I'm late!

How did the hunting trip go with your friend Pam?

Hope she had *lots* of fun!!

Janie said...

Well, I will tell you, she does look good in camo! I think she had a good time.

Lynellen said...

I've never understood the point of wearing camo (to hide yourself) AND an orange vest (so that people see you)....can you explain??

Janie said...

Hey, Lynellen, welcome!

As to camo...I think if you have to wear orange, you can just about wear any color with it - but camo does hide the dirt (as well as alot of figure flaws!! :):)). Orange is for hunter safety...which you might not need if you wore bright colors anyway!
But...guys LOVE camo. One of my coworkers was just talking about how at the deer lease, some of our customers came in with even camo pajamas.

That is hunting on the brain!

Lynellen said...

What's a "deer lease"?

Can I lease a herd of deer? Thanks!

Janie said...

Lynellen - well, actually, you can!!;)

OTIM said...


In Texas most all land is private, so one must lease the right to hunt from the owner, hence the term "deer lease".