Saturday, January 5, 2008

Doggie Meme

The Typist over at Dogblogger threw the meme craving on me, and since it was about meming for your pet, well, you know, I just had to play! Zack the Wonder Dog and Zoie the Wonder Pup are always trying to improve their visibility…so, here goes. I’m not going to tag any of you, but if you’d like to play, please let me know so I can read your pet memes!!!

What is an amusing anecdote about a pet friend in your life (past or present)?

Zoie came into our lives at the advice of a local dog expert. Said expert said bringing a female in would temper the hijinks of Zack the Wonder Dog, and that before long, said female would begin to dominate Zack. After one week of cold shoulder de Zack, Zoie began to win his heart, and Zack started to play with Zoie. One night, we were in our music room, watching TV. Zack started the “I wanna play” stance that is jumping and bowing down to Zoie’s level, and Zoie responded…by running under the couch. She would stick her little head out, and try to nip Zack. We thought it was so very cute – she was already getting him to attend to her every move! And, then, we realized that her little belly was so fat, she was stuck under the couch. Once we finally finished laughing, we rescued her. Really.

What is a gift a pet gave to you when you really needed it?

One of the biggest things MLH always says about Zack is that he makes me laugh. And laughter, as you know, is always healing.

Share a picture of one or more of your pets - extra points for amusing photos.

In this picture, Zack is asking MLH, "Dad, do you think this hat makes my butt look big?"

And we can't leave out Miss Zoie...this one was in her wooing stage...when she was trying to get Zack to play with her (week 1).

Thanks for taggin' us, Typist and Cub! We enjoyed playing! It was fun! And Cub - we are praying for you!


DogBlogger said...

Good play, Janie! Thanks... And thanks for the prayers, too!

Rach said...

I'll play one day very soon :). After that redesign hehe.

thisisme said...

Wow Janie, great meme. I think you just inspired my fastest blog post ever! Mines up.

In_spired said...

Gosh, Janie! Didn't realize it has been so long since I've read your blog. I'm behind! We were so busy during Christmas I got behind on all my addictions!

Love the Doggie Meme! Zach and Zoie are precious! Butch had his 'cousin' Beauregard here to visit him through the holidays. Butch was GLAD when he went home!! He slept for 3 days after everyone left.(Guess what? I did too!)

i beati said...

I didn't exactly follow the meme but put some pictures on today .

Lone Chatelaine said...

Hey, Janie -
I sent you my address yesterday. Did you get it?

Lone Chatelaine said...

I just checked to make sure I addressed it right, and it looks like I did. I sent it to the e-mail on your profile. It's a work email, it looks like.

Janie said...

Dogblogger - we're here for ya, chica.

Rach - I'll be waiting - I bet you have some great stories.

Thisisme - I love your meme!

Inspired - thanks for coming by! I know you've been busy, I've been keeping up with your blog when I can...I bet Butch was a tired pup!

Sandy - I'll come by and check!

tracy said...

Sweet photos!