Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Welcome back to Texas!

Click on the following link to see why ABC News has chosen Bert Brady, ABC Person of the Week. This man welcomed the troops coming home for 300 days at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport last year. The video is awesome. Get out your kleenex.

Pretty amazing.


Karen said...

A friend of mine emailed me this clip yesterday! It is so good. He's a wonderful man.

Anonymous said...

I received this clip via email. The tears just fell and I wish to thank Bert and those volunteers who are welcoming the troops home. I wish to thank all those who put their life on the line and their families because there is not enough money to compensate for what they have given up emotionally or physically to keep our country and people safe. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Janie said...

Karen & Anonymous - it is an awesome clip, is it not? Amazing that Bert does that for our troops, and gets others to, as well. I am so proud of him, and all the others that do this for our troops.