Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Abbye report

I'm home! Yeah!

Prior to going home, we met a realtor and a friend to look at a house he's thinking of purchasing.

En route to said house, who did we see cruising the neighborhood park?

Eric on hiatus, walking a certain lady of the canine persuasion.

Both looked very healthy and at peace with the world.

And that's your update from this end of the planet.


Jim said...

He lives. That's good news.

Rachel said...

Glad to see you are keeping an eye on things (or people hehe).

Eric said...

Did I see you and just not know it?

And more to the point, I wasn't scratching anywhere I shouldn't have been, was I? ;-)

Janie said...

Rachel - it was a totally random sighting, I promise.

Eric - we were driving west, and you and Miss Abbye were just sauntering along, heading east on the walk way. MLH said, "Well, look, there's Mr. S and that sweet little Abbye."

Yup, he's hooked on the Abbye rotating pix, too.