Monday, February 26, 2007

Random Monday thoughts...

On the road again, but it’s been a fruitful trip.

Well, other than the key card situation at the Crowne Plaza - Addison. Their key card system is down, so you basically must be escorted to your room and let in by the MOD (manager on duty) or the security guard. That should make you feel safe…until you realize that tonight (the second night of my stay) is the first time they have asked anyone in my midst for a picture ID, prior to escorting me to my room and letting me in. Sleep easy, all you wanderers. The hotel does furnish a sleep kit, complete with drapery clips, sleep CD, earplugs, linen spray, blah, blah, blah. The mattress is the very best I’ve tried in all my travels. So that’s all good.

The weather has been delightful, and is slated to be, tomorrow, as well. Had meetings today in the town of Pattie's place, and tomorrow’s meetings start at 6:30am close to Foo's town. Unfortunately, I was unable to slate time to hook up with my fellow bloggers in the Metroplex, but maybe we’ll be able to get together next time.

Had dinner last night with customers at Trulucks in Addison (and if you get a chance, try their specialty, stone crab claws) , and tonight at Del Frisco's. I’m so full, I’m going to bed. Another early morning, and a potential late night scheduled for tomorrow.

Sometimes, I look at the search key words that lead people to this blog, and here’s one of the best thus far…every time I see it, I get tickled.

“Cumbia By Here, My Lord”

Well, if anyone can do the cumbia, my Lord can!

Have a great rest of the week!!


Foo said...

Cumbia? My brain immediately reassembled that as "Kumbaya, my Lord", then "Come on a' my house." After that, a sharp right turn to Cumby (as in Cumby, Texas) and a panic stop at "I'm Cumby, dammit!"

Obviously, my stream of consciousness is spawning two-headed fish, this morning.

WV: "kulguy" You bet your sweet bippy!

Foo said...

P.S. - It's just as well you didn't have time to look me up, this time around. I'm just getting over the flu and would make a rather disconcerting happy hour companion.

Janie said...

Foo, I hope you get better.

As to the cumbia, I did the same thing..."Kumbaya, my Lord"...

But I stopped there.

Obviously, you have a better stream of consciousness than I.

Rachel said...

I see I am not the only one thinking of Kumbaya!

Janie said...

You are never alone, Rachel! :)