Sunday, February 11, 2007

Other Mom's Special Day

Other Mom's surprise dinner was awesome. None of her boys had called her to wish her a Happy Birthday. One of the daughters-in-love had called, and Other Mom had mentioned that no one had called (she didn't know that they hadn't called, on purpose.) The daughter-in-love acted indignant, and said, "Oh, those boys, they are going to be in so much trouble!" Needless to say, when Other Mom and her husband walked in to the The Garlic Press, they were blown away.

All five of her sons were there, which in a way, is a miracle itself. All the boys are in business for themselves, all oil-related. And the party was even more a blessing, because the youngest son was present. He has lived away for sometime, but his new line of work as a directional driller has brought him a little closer to West Texas…and we're so glad! We get to see him more often, and that is a very good thing.

Other Mom was way blessed. She loves the Garlic Press. Joshua Washburn, the proprietor, went out of his way for us, once again. The food and dessert were delightful.

And, here's the shocker for the kiddos…Other Mom is not yet 80.

She. Is. A. Whopping. Seventy-nine. Years. Young.

So, now, we have a whole year in which to plan a big fling-ding! Whoopee! All sorts of thoughts are running through my head…an out of town plan with the entire family? A big deal at church? What kind of mom-loving, yet respectful, mischief can 5 sons concoct?

Or, better yet, their wives???

Time will tell, my friends. Time will tell.


Karen said...

Too funny, Janie!
Oh well, another excuse for a grand get-together. Can't have to many opportunities to get together with family you love, I'd say.

Janie said...

Karen, you are so right!

Gwynne said...

Are you sure Mom isn't just claiming to be "almost" 80?! How was this little tidbit uncovered?

Janie said...

Well, we were all talking, and it just came up. Craziness. Other Mom was looking around, and she said, "I'm not 80! I'm 79!"