Sunday, February 11, 2007

Natalie, Natalie, Natalie....

They win a Grammy, and Natalie's still not ready to make nice. Emily and Martie were generous and sweet, as usual, even while giving a nod to Natalie’s behavior by saying they had no regrets…

Yup, once again, Natalie acted less than the lady she is...or was.

Update, 10:02 pm CST - the Chicks win their 2nd Grammy of the night...they did a little better, this time, thanking all their producers, co-writers, etc.

2nd Update, 10:25 pm CST - the Chicks win their 3rd Grammy, for Album of the Year - Natalie says she's finally ready to make nice! and says she's very humbled. This time, the girls thanked their families and their fans.

Hopefully, she means it.

One thing is for sure - the music stands, no matter her attitude.


Anonymous said...

i think i know who you are talking about? although i don't listen to country or watch the grammy's, i did'nt know they had a falling out

Geo said...

I thought they would be broke by now. I certainly got that one wrong.

Rob said...

I may not be crazy about the way in which Natalie chose to speak her piece, but y'know, that is the price and priveledge of being an American - people do have the right to say things that you might not like.

That they've been able to rebound despite the backlash is a real testament to their talent, attitude not withstanding.

Janie said...

Badoozie - read up on Natalie Maines, you can get caught up quickly. They didn't have an internal falling out - just one with the majority of their fans.

George - yup, they are definitely rolling in the bucks.

Rob - no doubt, I'm with you, dude.

Even last night, as they were mounting the stage, I was like, "Please, Natalie, come on, girl, be nice!" As I said, their music and talent stands, and always has.