Saturday, August 1, 2009

Part 4 And FINALE - Free James Taylor Tickets to Tanglewood!

Not quite back on track, but here goes!

As you remember, we had drawn for two sets of tickets to the James Taylor Tanglewood Concert with Sheryl Crow and Yo Yo Ma.

The winners were seats 1&2 – Terri, aka Pepsi’s Mom, from Kansas – and, Jeannie S, seats 3&4from Connecticut. Both of these ladies wanted these tickets to bless (a) a daughter and (b) a friend recovering from cancer. I think that’s really cool.

So, remember, we started with 6 names, typed out, cut up, dumped into my cool yellow bowl.

And then we drew names here:

And the winners are (and yes, Ryan Seacrest is off for the weekend, so there will be no more delays):

Barbara, from Connecticut - you’ll hear more from her later…she won seats 5&6~


Evan, from West Michigan, who won seats 7&8:

Here's his entry:

My wife gave me a fathers day and birthday gift (I turned 53 on July 22) to go to the concert in Tanglewood but was only able to get lawn seats for the Sun. afternoon concert with JT and the Boston Pops. We live in West Michigan and are going drive the 12-13 hours even if this is the only concert we can take in. We have been looking on line for months for tickets to the Sat. concert with Sheryl Crow. We have been effected by the 14% unemployment rate here in Michigan and because my job is directly related to the housing market things have been really slow. Being able to go hear my favorite artist, James Taylor, in seats where I could actually see him without binoculars would be so awesome. Let me commend you for your gracious gift no matter who you choose. You could have gotten a ton of money for these tickets and to give them away shows you are person of real integrity. God bless!! You can contact me at evan@********** if I am selected.

Well, Evan, your wish came true! Happy 53rd Birthday! I hope you give your lawn tickets away, in turn!

Congrats to the winners!!! Y’all e-mail me your contact info and addresses, and I will be mailing out all these tickets no later than Monday, August 3, 2009. I will most likely mail them receipt confirmation, so you must sign to receive them.

Have fun , thanks for playing in the contest and we’ll catch you on the next one.

After this morning’s activities with my WonderDogs, who knows, there may be some spotted hounds up for grabs in the near future!

Saturday to do list:

(1)Take Zack and Zanna to run at the dog park so they'll quit driving me crazy (not too far of a walk, anyway - to crazy, that is!)!
(2)Meet TexasRed and ThatManSheLoves for the very first time and share lunch! YEAH!
(3)Go see Elder Son team rope at the Lamesa Rodeo – I’m excited – if I’m lucky, I’ll get to post pix of him roping…


Evan said...

Janie, words cannot express how grateful I am to you for gifting me with these James Taylor tickets. I feel so privileged! God Bless You!

Terri aka Pepsi's Mom said...

You know I love it when you post dog pics! Pics of horses (and sons) are Way cool too! Give Zac and Zanna a treat for us today too! We are headed out to work the dogs this Am as soon as I get off work. We even rented a barn to keep birds in now....
I still can't believe we are going to James Taylor!

Joanie M said...

You are an awesome lady! No wonder we all love you! I hope everyone has a terrific time!

♥georgie♥ said...

Janie janie Janie...look how awesome you are...i will NEVER compare....

Congrats to all the winners and after reading the comments for each winner it seems like it was fate that the winners chosen were chosen...

have fun at the doggie park...and enjoy your weekend...YOU are one person i can not wait to meet at Jillies!...speakin of jill....if u talkm to her tell her i dont have # anymore...and i need it.... whine sniffle whine sniffle

Fresh Mommy said...

That is so awesome!! I'm so excited for the winners. Hope you enjoyed time with the dogs!! And meeting up with bloggy friends would be so much fun!


Anonymous said...

Argh I love hearing winners stories!!