Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Cannot Make This Stuff Up

I’m going to be writing this in a delayed fashion, because...

1. I’m still in a little shock

2. I’m still returning voice mails and e-mails and that’s taking up huge portions of my day. People are pouring out love, though, and I thank you for all your sweet and straight up comments. I love you all!

So. It’s Wednesday morning. I woke up at 6 a.m., a little late for me. Zack the Wonderdog was snuggled under the covers next to ThatManILove. I stealthily crept into the TV room, popped open the Mac (another story in itself) and started returning e-mails. I worked on this hard for about an hour.

And then, I lay back down on the couch and crashed.

At 9:30 a.m., ThatManILove came in to the room, concerned that he woke up and I wasn’t by his side. He said, “Babe, your phone’s been ringing off the wall.”

He gave it to me, and, dang. The voice mail was full AGAIN - 14 messages, and 15 e-mails. He started laughing. And then, he said, “Well! I checked my phone, and I have two messages, and three e-mails.” I just looked at him. He said, “Well, okay, yeah...they’re from yesterday.”

He is so funny.

He asked me if I wanted to go eat breakfast somewhere. Did I? No. I wanted to bury my head under the covers, but I knew that I could not do that. I had to get busy.

We compromised. He offered to make me cinnamon toast...a comfort food that hails back to my youth.

So off he went to the kitchen, dogs in hot pursuit. I hear him banging around, and before long, I smell cinnamon and butter. Yummmm. In a second, though, I smell something burning, and I cry out to him. He quickly assures me he’s got it, and in a minute, he comes back into the TV room bearing cinnamon toast. His is burned, but mine is not.

He sits down by me, and grabs a piece of toast, and bites into it. Immediately, his face screws up. Something’s not right. He spits it out.

I say, “What’s wrong?”

He smells of it, then reaches out for my plate.

He says, and I kid you not, “I put salt on it instead of sugar.”

And off he goes to make the real thing. You think we’re turned a little sideways by all this job deal? ThatManILove is a gourmet cook, I swear. The dogs wouldn’t even eat it.

I laughed until I cried. I did. It's never boring around here.


darsden said...


blognut said...

I'm glad you're feeling loved!

And I'm so sorry that you lost your job. Honestly, it is such a widespread problem that I think we all know way too many people in that situation.

:) You will get through this. :)

Joanie M said...

Well, if it got you to laugh then it was worth it!

I hope something wonderful pops up soon!

SK Applegath said...

Mmmm- cinnamon toast or cheese toast always makes the day seem better. remember--this is a sabatical. Take a break, breathe, go on a short trip. You are still the best salseperson out there, actually anywhere. When the time is right you bounce back--not really--you will take off like a rocket hurled into outerspace at warp speed;which is just normal speed for Janie! Love ya

SK Applegath said...

Ya proud of me--I am blogging and commenting!!

larshannon said...

Ugh, I can just imagine taking a bite of cinnamon and salt toast. Here's a little extra love coming your way.

♥ Braja said...

Oh Janie love, I wish I could come over and cook for that's somethin' that would soothe your heart...xoxoxo

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...


Anonymous said...

So, what's up with your Mac? And, oh... I grew up on cinnamon and sugar toast too... love it, but the butter is so bad for my veins at my age that I've given the stuff up.

Have a good day, Janie.... keep your head up out of the blankets. Maybe time to start your own business... online perhaps? It's obvious you are brilliant so go for it.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Stu Pidasso said...

Sorry about the job, Janie Girl! But I am sure you will hit the ground running. I don't understand how you can do the most sales in 2008 and be a target though. Oh well! Hey, did I hear a door open??

Pam said...

Too funny...get bigger labels for your salt and sugar shakers! ;)

Diane said...

I just started following your blog and I am glad to be around for your 30 day challenge.
I'm sorry about your job but I am hopeful for you in the transition.
Keep smiling....we're on your side!!

The Wine Commonsewer (TWC) said...

With all the emails and well wishes I am not sure if I say sorry about the job or not. It seems like losing it has unleashed a plethora of blessings. However, the job probably paid better than blogging or feeling the love does.


Em said...

I bet he did it on purpose just to give you a good laugh.

Men can be so totally awesome.

Geo said...

Oh dear Janie, I'm laughing and I'm crying. I do hope the very best for you.

Paige Lacey said...

What a sweetheart your man is!

Sandy Kessler said...

start your own business hire me and baino and we'll leave everyone in the dust sandy

Fragrant Liar said...

That's funny about the toast. My youth was spent with many slices of cinnamon toast. We didn't use regular sugar though, we used powdered sugar. When I became a teen, we found a yummy variation on that: brown sugar! Delish!

So, relevant to that, when I was in 7th grade and visiting my relatives in Phoenix, I made them all cinnamon toast. Except they used regular sugar. So I poured sugar on the toast, from their sugar bowl, and cooked it up. When they tried to eat it, they had to spit it out and run to rinse their mouths out. For some reason, my aunt had poured laundry detergent in a bowl and it was on the counter, and it looked like a sugar bowl to me . . .

Your hubs is a real keeper. Does he have a brother?