Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Prey

In the past, we have seen a couple of mice in this house. I’ve not seen any lately, but I’m always looking, because I hate the wee furry creatures!

Last night, ThatManILove left the TV room and went into the bedroom to get his book. We always keep the dogs in the same room with us, so when TMIL left the TV room, he shut the dogs back into the room with me.

I was blogging and watching TV, and realized Zanna was way too still. I looked around the room, and found her...on point.

She was looking at something behind the TV.

I thought, “Great. TMIL is in the other room. Whatever it is, if it’s a mouse, when I move, it’s going to run, and Zanna will probably try to catch it, and we’ll have a wreck in this room!”

I quietly ease off the couch. She doesn’t even flinch, that Zanna-girl is on a hard point. I ease onto the rug, trying to be as quiet as I can. Creeping up to the TV, I take a peek behind the TV, right where Zanna’s nose is pointing.

Thank God it’s not a mouse. Or a snake. Not even a lizard.

It’s a housefly, and i try to kill it. (Yes, I missed.)

A teeny, tiny, common housefly. And I bet with all those eyes the nasty things have, that fly was scared to death. Because you know it’s gotta be seeing about a million spots on a hard-pointing quivering in her footprints out of pure excitement wonder pup ticked German Shorthair.

I had to say “No bird, Zanna! No bird!” three times to get her to break point.

I laughed so hard, I cried. Her trainers will be so proud.


darsden said...

Rudey does that too..

I catch the flies and release them outside.

nanananananananananan batgirl

darsden said...

but once I had gone fishing and brought my crickets inside for the night..because I use to leave them outside..but the birds would get them..even in the cricket bucket there would be a masacre..and them boggers aren't I brought them in.. and heard tink tink tink in the kitchen I got up to look it was a damn snake trying to get them.. in my kitchen! I no longer fish with crickets! nananananananana batgirl gone..

darsden said...

see more than you wanted to know right..but hey I was first, second.. and lets see...

aren't you sorry you ever did that nananananananananananaananan LOL

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Zanna was like OMG! That's the smallest bird I've ever seen, but I'm GONNA GET IT!!! LOL... Good Dog!

Anonymous said...

Dogs are just so fabulous.


i beati said...

She haS such a different look from Zack - must be great fun to experience very new thing

Chatelaine said...

What a good girl! Fierce and focused! :)

My cat caught a house fly yesterday in about 10 seconds from when it buzzed in the door. He smashed it against the window with his foot and ate it.

Bugs don't have a chance here, and I totally appreciate that.

♥ Braja said...

That dog is BORED! :))))

Pam said...

Are they with you in NM? What kind of critter might she point at up there? Gotta meet this little one.

Tami said...

Zanna....atta girl!

Two nights ago our JRT Clarice jumped off the chair and was sitting between the couch and the ottoman. After a couple of minutes hubby says 'uh honey don't freak out but get up and move over by the table. Ummm right .... don't freak out.

Clarice was tracking a Wolf spider that was the size of teacup saucer. I was so incredible glad that Clarice didn't decide to take matters into her own hand.

Nasty buggers!


Vodka Mom said...

throw that dog a bone. RIGHT NOW!!!

SSP said...

GOOD dog! see? a cat couldn't have done that...not only would it not have cared, it woudn't care that you WANTED it to care!

i've misssed reading you and neeeeed to catch up!!

Gretchen said...

What a well trained girl you have there! Aphrodite would just ignore it. Now, the evil Darth Mittens would go bananas to catch it.