Friday, March 20, 2009

Resveratrol Ultra and Demapril - Ask Carla!


I fall for it. You know, the wrinkles ad. The one on the sidebar of Facebook that says “Lose 20 years of Wrinkles”. And I have to click.

You know, if you’ve used Facebook, you’ve seen it. It's on the right sidebar of your screen.
Go ahead. Click on it. You too can “Learn the secret of a mom who combined two products to eliminate her wrinkles for good.”

I check it wherever I am. And I’ve proved it. If I’m at home, the “mom” is named Carla. And she’s from Odessa. Sometimes, she’s from Midland. But she's always named Carla. She has a Dual State residency problem, obviously. BUT she always has 2 kids, is in a great marriage and considers herself a happy person. Oh, yeah. And she’s always 45. I guess that’s the acceptable age to see wrinkles and be sick of them.

If I’m in Denver or Dallas? The “mom” has a different name. But she’s in the same great marriage as Carla, and has the same kids, and is ALSO 45. I bet they have the same husbands, too. Because both of these ladies, amazingly, have a friend (probably married to the same guy!) named Becky that talked them out of plastic surgery and told them to use Resveratrol Ultra and Demapril.

Becky shore gets around. Makes me wonder why she’s not calling me and giving me free samples of this stuff. Carla says: “I was surprised by the results after the first 3 days – but once a week had passed I was totally blown away… I knew I was on to something special.”

I think I am on to something special, a scam -but at least I know how to spell "Barbara Walters", who is listed alongside their ad, presumably to give credence to their product. (They spell it "Barbera Walters". Makes me feel really secure about getting their "free" product.)

This could be a good product and I could be missing out on a wrinkle-free face with my own before and after pictures. Y’all try it and let me know. Okay? (God. I hope it works.)


Belle said...

I'll try anything that's free.

Anonymous said...

I've seen those ads, for a different product - Acai Berry. I actually ordered it for the free trial! And much to my disgusted surprise, my credit card was IMMEDIATELY billed for $87.00. After I bitched up a storm to them over the phone, they did refund my money, and the Acai Berry? I used it for about 4 days and got diarrhea. Now it sits in a drawer as a testament to my gullibility when I know that I know better than to fall for crap like that!

Jeff said...

Personally, I think you look absolutely fabulous! When you think of how many truly beautiful women there are in this world, it's amazing that we have such a concentration of them here, in the Tall City.

Tami said...

Hmmm....I wonder if they are going to star in Big Love...all married to the same man and all.

Anita said...

On Myspace I get one about

"27 and overweight? See how I lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks. On this Acai berry pill diet thing."

I wonder if she will turn 28 when I do.

I have also noticed that all the other ads are tailored to things I say I enjoy on my profile. Learn Japanese, and Photography schools. Hows that for profiling.

Jane! said...

"Free' things usually aren't.
Carla and Becky are really 29 year-old prostitutes who get paid to lie to you.

HoodChick said...

I think the moral of this story is, men cause wrinkles.

Dan Morris said...

That's a really funny article. Thanks for posting it. I totally agree that "regional advertising" is just wrong sometimes.

As to resveratrol, the anti-aging cream stuff, it's real. I don't know about the cream but resveratrol is real.

Check out this resveratrol site for more info.

Don't worry, I checked it - they're not selling a product - just info.


Anonymous said...

I am so laughing my butt off at this post..... Yes, I can spell S.C.A.M. I'll bet in southern Arizona her name is Carlita and the guy she is married to is Jose a U.S. border guard.... Hmmm. Just saying..

The Blue Ridge Gal

Warped Mind of Ron said...

All my facebook ads tell me how easy it is to meet 30+ year old women on their website!!

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Hahahah thats funny. Good detective work!

I dont want any wrinkles either. Maybe baking soda works?

Have a super weekend!

- Jennifer

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Hahahah thats funny. Good detective work!

I dont want any wrinkles either. Maybe baking soda works?

Have a super weekend!

- Jennifer

Junosmom said...

I've not ever clicked it for fear that my inbox would be instantly spammed. Let me know if it worked.

Terri aka Pepsi's Mom said...

I think you are wrong, Carla supposedly lives in Goodland! Well-- our town is very small and working at the Post Office, I probably know ALL the Carla's in our town, and she is NOT one of them! Ha
But I was a sucker and had to click also!
Pepsi wants to know how Zack is doing?

Lilly said...

That's hilarious. I was only looking at the Acai berry one today too. Oh and she happened to live in Australia even though she called herself a Mom instead of the word Mum that we use here. Its a shame that advertising has to be non authentic really and if it is the case then I wouldn't trust the product. But millions do. I am telling you use rose hip oil for your wrinkles - that came from an Italian lady whose family has been using it for years. I am following suit - she looked damn good and she didnt ask me for a penny.

dhynesok said...

The wonder ingredient in wine is indeed resveratrol. The current studies performed by researchers have shown great promise for resveratrol treating the diseases of aging. There are numerous articles that I have linked to at my website - - that document the findings for the potential health benefits in treating heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, and other diseases.
Dr. Joseph Maroon, a neurosurgeon, has written a book entitled "The Longevity Factor, How Resveratrol and Red Wine Activate Genes for a Longer and Healthier Life" that offers a definitive look at recent scientific breakthroughs in the study of resveratrol and how research has shown its ability to stave off a wide variety of age-related diseases.
Concerning supplements containing a high quality and potency of resveratrol that is necessary to achieve the dosage levels utilized in the lab tests, there is a new product called Vivix. Shaklee Corporation, the number one natural nutrition company in the U.S. (, has produced a liquid resveratrol supplement that is 10 times stronger than resveratrol alone due to its patented formulation of polyphenols.
Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz are both users and promoters of Shaklee products and Oprah has featured Roger Barnett, Chairman and CEO of Shaklee (, on her show.
So for a highly researched resveratrol supplement of exceptional quality, please visit - - to discover more about Vivix.

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

I'm glad I didn't post about the ads of erectile dysfunction!

Anonymous said...

These are the same people who have blogs about losing 30 lbs with two products they got "free". You only pay shipping so what do you have to lose?

Well, you lose about 160.00 when they charge the credit card you paid your shipping with for the remainder of your 30 day "free" trial and then set you up on auto ship and keep on charging you until you finally cancel your credit card.

How can these people sleep at night????

Jackie said...

Hey, Janie! Have missed out on so many of your postings due to just "being in the dumps". Have had some very unsettling things happen in our little nook of the world. But all shall pass in time.
I think of you often and would just love to sit down with you and "have a chat".

"Resveratrol Ultra and Demapril"?? I've looked at the same ads on FB. Yep...same mom!LOL

Take care sweet girl. You can always give me a lift when I read your humor!

Julie said...

Good morning! Just checking in and getting caught up on my blog reading! Happy Saturday!

Barrie said...

Jane, I was hoping you'd try it out and report back to us. With before and after pics, of course! :)

blognut said...

I get the ad for the mom who combined two teeth-whitening products with spectacular results - her name is also Carla and she's 45.


Fragrant Liar said...

I ALWAYS wonder if any of those products work and sometimes want to give 'em a try. But I figure if they're that good I'll see them on 20/20 or Dateline or CNN with a big news flash, because surely all those gorgeous lady newscasters would be talking it up if there was something new and miraculous out there -- and over the counter. (sigh) I'll just have to wait till I can afford the facelift.

bernthis said...

If you really think it works, call me b/c I have a bridge I want to sell you that I think you might like

Jeanne said...

Leave that button alone -- you look fabulous just the way you are!

dhynesok said...

You're in luck, Fragrant Liar (post on 3/21/09), there are 4 shows that have been devoted to resveratrol that have played on CBS's "60 Minutes" - see

Gretchen said...

I get hooked on some of those scams, too. Mine was the baby photo contest. I had just been to my cousin's first birthday party and had more than a few cute photos, so what the heck? It said he had a chance to win $2,500 for college. RIGHT! Now I'm getting spammed out my butt! I hope nobody I stupidly sent the link to actually clicked on it. Maybe that's why nobody is talking to me this week?

TexasRed said...

Check back at my space on Friday -- I'm posting an award for you.

Fresh Mommy said...

Haha, that is awesome! I love that you've picked up on all that!!


Femin Susan said...

I think the moral of this story...

Ju said...

Have you had a chance to watch 60 Minutes or Barbra Walters segments last weekend about it?

It show promise in mice. For mice, has shown major health improvements including blood sugar control. Keep in mind that 6 out of 10 major drug successes in mice - fail in humans. But the limited human trials showed promise and there are some patients that claim it helps. However, this could be the 'placebo effect,' and only empirical data under controlled experiments can tell for sure. It will take a few years for these clinical trials to conclude.

You can get supplements of the extract right now. While it is safe, it is not guaranteed to work. Before making a decision, you should watch all the videos. Here's the a recap from all the trustworthy shows:

I did some research and learned the following: You can only get 1-2mgs of it in a single bottle of wine. So, white, it's a good excuse to drink wine, but you really won't get much benefit. There are supplements on the market - but many do not have the required strength and they don't work for everyone. The only way to know for sure is to try the supplements. Hope you find this interesting... its a future hope for the fountain of youth and treatments (not cures) for countless diseases.

-Linda, the Good Nurse.

K.K. said...

SCAM!!!! Do NOT buy Resveratrol Ultra or any product from FWM! They have a clock on their site that is supposedly ticking away the seconds you have left to get in on the great "FREE" 14 day trial, they do this to distract you, so you have no idea what they are really doing, those creeps! and I LOOKED at this- everything I was filling in and thought I was receiving a bottle that would cover 14 days- a free 14 day trial, right? Wrong! They charge you 87$ if you don't CANCEL within 14 days! They send you, what is apparently, a full months supply THIS IS NOT CLEAR on their website!! They are a shady, dishonest bunch of charlatans! And I am furious with myself for not catching it somehow! The same is true of the Tripeptinon but I thought I caught them! I called them immediately to unsubscribe, they told me I couldn't do that yet and gave me a date to call back. After the Resveratrol incident, I called them and more hooey! "Send it back and we will only charge you 29.95" WHAT?! I got to their supervisor and he assured me after my rant about the company he works for, that I would not be charged anything further.
If it's a good product, I'll never know because I don't like to be tricked and cheated. If it's so wonderful, they should trust you'll find that out once you try the product.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised no one has said it yet: "If it sounds too good to be true................."

K.K., you convinced me.

Anonymous said...

Yes I live in Hawaii and have also seen those Resveratrol/Demapril ads on-line. Only here the "mom" lives in Hilo, Hi, has the same two kids, great marriage blah,blah,blah,. I was on another site and saw the same exact ad with the same exact "mom" but now she lived in another state. I'm so sorry I didn't get the chance to meet her and the kids before they moved!! Aloha

Anonymous said...

Nothing is for free!!

Those trial offers sucker you in and then you pay the price trying to get someone to credit back your acct.

I tried to find the same Resveratrol that is on those sites elsewhere and can't. I also e-mailed the company for a ingredient list and my e-mail was returned as "undeliverable"

If it seems to good it probably is a scam!!

Anonymous said... really seem to have a dog in this fight. Could you maybe, possibly be SELLING this product?

Joy said...

K.K. you are dead right! The Resveratrol thing is a scam. They hide all the information about charging you and additional charges not mentioned in the hidden disclaimers and that you must return the product after calling for a return number. I am extremely angry that I have had to learn the hard way. I am now stuck with over $90 in charges that I can't really afford now. If there was any way to warn everyone away from this company, I would do it! It's the old adage - if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

yvette said...

I am not sure about the adds and if it works or not. I am from Texas and Midland Odessa are about the same place. They are 2 small towns that have merged together to make up Midland Odessa Permian. We have several of those in Texas like Sanford Fritch. You are no longer from Sanford or Fritch but Sanfort Fritch or either. I wouldnt think the product was a fake just because of that.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am so disgusted that I fell for a pop up ad that claimed a free trial of resveratrol ultra. I saw a $87.00 charge on my credit card today and called to have it removed the customer service person and the "Manager" refused. When the shipment came there was no paperwork stating that this was a limited free trail offer. This product does nothing as far as I'm concerned. In fact, I've been on it for a few weeks and for the past week and a half I have felt tired and just plain awful. I am normally an active, healthy person. DON'T ORDER THIS STUFF!!!

Katherine said...

Best place to buy resveratrol:, buy their plain 100mg Resveratrol.

Both my parents are pharmaceutical chemists, and they think the data on resveratrol is good. You want to take 100mg a day of the trans type.

But there is so much hype and it needs to be affordable to take it every day forever. So I bought this one from and had my mom test it in her lab. It did contain 100mg of the trans type of resveratrol, the right stuff.

So I think it is a bargain, and I have been taking it for about 3 years now. Not sure about wrinkles, but I noticed about a year ago that I was no longer getting white/grey hairs in my eyebrows. I had been getting a few more every year, but I have not had one in probably 2 years. Maybe it is the resveratrol. Who knows? I turned 49 last month, and have no grey hairs that I can find.

Anyway, be sure to buy the right stuff. And keep it out of the light--my mom's tests showed that it breaks down fast in sunlight, becoming 50% ineffective in less than a day. Keep in in the dark--inside a cabinet. Other than that, it seemed very stable so you can buy in bulk if you like.


Katherine said...

Best place to buy resveratrol:, buy their plain 100mg Resveratrol.

Both my parents are pharmaceutical chemists, and they think the data on resveratrol is good. You want to take 100mg a day of the trans type.

But there is so much hype and it needs to be affordable to take it every day forever. So I bought this one from and had my mom test it in her lab. It did contain 100mg of the trans type of resveratrol, the right stuff.

So I think it is a bargain, and I have been taking it for about 3 years now. Not sure about wrinkles, but I noticed about a year ago that I was no longer getting white/grey hairs in my eyebrows. I had been getting a few more every year, but I have not had one in probably 2 years. Maybe it is the resveratrol. Who knows? I turned 49 last month, and have no grey hairs that I can find.

Anyway, be sure to buy the right stuff. And keep it out of the light--my mom's tests showed that it breaks down fast in sunlight, becoming 50% ineffective in less than a day. Keep in in the dark--inside a cabinet. Other than that, it seemed very stable so you can buy in bulk if you like.


Anonymous said...

What surprised me - I was not able to find any store which sells those
items you can free trial.
I honestly wanted to buy a full bottle for the whole month or two, but can't. So, I went to the company I knew -, they offer many different brands - I wonder if this is the same quality?
Anybody tried? They don't claim weight loss property though, but I bought some other product from them.

resveratrol ultra said...

unless you're drinking 10 bottles of wine a day or taking resveratrol ultra, i don't think drinking the wine has much antioxidant benefits in humans

resveratrol ultra said...

The comment above me also points to one such similar blog as mentioned in the post. Resveratrol Ultra is getting a lot of recognition in the last few months

Anonymous said...

Yes resveratrol studies show promise in extending the lives of mice and rats, which is exactly what this world needs.. longer living rodents.

Anonymous said...

People People People these companies all they want is your credit card number and or checking account number that is why they say that postage is only 3.95 or 4.50 one site even said .99 for postage that way they get your credit card number and charge the 87.00 bucks. I wonder of the total suckers they get how many complain the percentages must be low because they still do this so they are making money. Again NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER OUT LIKE THIS AGAIN. If they are real send them a .50 money order for the $3.00 for the month supply. If this product was good it would be at the stores on the shelves hey they can sell the first bottle for .99 at least they get that instead of a nothing for the free bottle (hahahah) yea right free bottle ($87).

Anonymous said...

I did try Reveratrol Ultra, its not free and the company is unethical. You can buy pure Resveratrol with higher mg at your local vitamin store for half the price and not get scammed.

Resveratrol Ultra said...

Hey, It's not free at all. they charged me and i'm disputing it right now.

Anonymous said...

why would you pay $89 for one month and pay every month when you can get a 4 month supply for 169.00 and no auto ship.
buy the way it works no more crestor20 mg no more diovan from 160 mg to 80 to none

Charlie said...

I ordered ACAI Berry and Resveratrol Ultra on May 28. Both offered a 30-day free trial. Here is the catch. They each give you 15 days to try their product, but the catch is the 15 days starts on the day the order is placed. They will delay shipment about 3 to 4 days and you will receive the product a week or more after you place the order. This only gives you a few days to try the product. Two weeks after you place the order, another shipment will be sent and your credit card will be charged 87 dollars and change. For those who would like to try the product, read the fine print and you will find that what I am saying is true. When I ordered Resveratrol Ultra on May 28, my order confirmation stated that I would receive the order by express mail on June 1. By the way, print out every page in the order process. This is the only opportunity you will have for recording your order number and a contact phone number. They won’t email you this information. When my order did not arrive on June 1, I called them to cancel the order. They asked why and I told them I would not have time to evaluate their product by the time it arrived. They promised a 10 day extension and I said no to this offer. I also requested a 97 cent refund for shipping be credited to my credit card. I was then given an order cancellation number. The representative then said that I would still receive my Resveratrol Ultra order at no charge and I would not have to return it and my credit card will not be charged. Regarding the ACAI Berry which I also ordered on May 28, my debit card showed a charge of $80.33 which included the $1.97 half rate shipping plus the cost of the first month’s supply. When I called the company, they explained the charge was only pending and would not go through until the 15 day trial had expired. It was a safe guard they used to assure enough funds was in the account. None the less, that amount is deducted from my available balance. On June 1, I received an email saying my order had been shipped via UPS. Once the ACAI Berry arrives, I will attempt to evaluate it, but chances are there will not be enough time before the trial period expires. If not, I will call in time to cancel the order. If I find that the product is something I like, I can always reorder. I hope this helps those who have ordered or is planning to order.

Anonymous said...

Very true...Resveratrol supplements like Resveratrol Ultra & Pure RezV Pro are the highest rated anti-aging product in the market. I am also taking Resveratrol Ultra and after using few weeks my friends saying that i started looking younger than my original age & mine wrinkles are almost gone. Resveratrol supplements are really very effective.

But my suggestion is to the people who wants to use & see the effectiveness of Resveratrol supplements you must gather proper information Resveratrol side effects and consult to your doctor for better results before starting it.

Anonymous said...

SCAM - don't do it!!! I thought it was legit because of 60 Minutes and other "credential" people on the internet, but I have been "taken."

I too got the "free" trial. 15 days later my bank's credit card consultant called me to ask if I had purchased something for 87.13. I said I hadn't, and then he told me what it was for. I remembered that I entered my credit card for $1.00 for the "free trial." The credit card consultant said that this company has been doing this kind of thing. When I called the Resveratrol Ultra company to cancel, they asked me why. I said it was too costly of a product, and so they offered it to me for $40! I said no thank you. They gave me a cancellation number, but when I asked for an email so that I would have proof of the cancellation, they said that they don't do that.

SO, if this was LEGIT, they wouldn't use trickery and and they would certainly send you an email!!!

Total SCAM!!! Ladies, just eat well and get some exercise. You are beautiful!

JudyK said...

I must admit I have read all of your comments with great interest.
I have been using the Resveratrol Utlra/Dermaphil combination for about 30 days and within 2 weeks of starting the combination I was seeing and feeling a very marked difference in my health and in the reduction of wrinkles. Now a month into it, my wrinkles have diminished greatly, the dark circles are gone from under my eyes, and my overall feeling of well being has increased greatly. I am no longer tired all the time. I actually have the energy to get up and do something. My doctor actually said at my visit this week that my blood pressure meds may have to be reduced at the next visit.
So say what you will... Scam or no scam...I will gladly pay the $87 a month for the benefits that I have seen from my Resveratrol Ultra. It's definitely cheaper than the $200 a month I pay for my prescription blood pressure meds and probably better for my body.

BTW...I received a 30 day supply for my free trial. My CC wasn't billed until the free trial period was up. Same with the Dermaphil.

Francesca said...

I was charged about 180 dollars over the course of a month. I didn't even order a free trial! Some partner company must have leaked my information.

Do not be fooled. Buy resveratrol in a vitamin shop, a few years from now. Give scientists some time to fully understand its effects.

Remember that vendors (including the government) will let any item pass as safe so long as it leads to profitable sales.

Drink red wine, eat grapes. They're both tasty and we need not worry about unlisted ingredients.

Resveratrol Ultra said...

thanks for information

Anonymous said...

I got snookered by this Resveratrol Ultra scam, also. I have disputed it through my credit card company. Anyone interested in a class-action lawsuit?

There is no information on their website that identifies their location or who they are; so, I was unable to research their background before ordering the free sample. However, after receiving the free sample, I was able to use the return address to identify the company as:

FWM Laboratories, Inc.
3007 Greene Street
Hollywood, FL 33020

Using that information, I found that their local Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates them an “F,” as can be seen at:
Among other things, the BBB review says “… they are not in compliance with the law’s licensing or registration requirements… .”

Beware! Avoid this company.

Jennifer Linsdale said...

Don't be fooled - you get what you pay for!

I think resveratrol is the real thing - the Chinese and Japanese have been using it for hundreds of years, the Europeans have been drinking it in their wine for years, and scientists have clinical studies to back up the claims!


Anonymous said...

Reveratrol Ultra......Tried it.....when your first bottle runs out, without showing promise of any benefits, they send you a second bottle full of caffeine. I guess that's to make you feel more enegetic.{That is if they get your order right and don't send diet pills instead} At 94 pounds I will pass on overpriced diet or caffeine pills! Just wanted to clean out my system a bit and maybe feel a little better "naturally" And just try returning for a refund.......take my advice...wait for more evidence and go for a more trusted product. Do not go with RESVERATROL ULTRA.... Customer support....YEAH RIGHT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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