Friday, March 6, 2009

For the Love of VodkaMom, Braja, and Marinka

What the heck?

I’ve been taken hostage. I went to Denver on a business trip, a 3 day business trip, that is. One day up, one day doing business, one day home. In the middle of day one, Little Brother Scott suffered a major heart attack. We rerouted our flight, getting off and heading back to Dallas. Scott came through the surgery with flying colors and the decision was made for us to carry on to Denver.

All that to say…ThatManILove has taken me hostage and won’t let us come home until Sunday. And I’m going to go with that!

I’ve been so busy, haven’t been posting or reading. This morning, I went to read blogs and found out that Marinka and Braja have been guest-posting here and here. Those heifers, all three of them. Heifers, heifers, heifers. They’ve been having a par-tay and I wasn’t even invited!


I’m gone. I’m in Denver. And if anyone wants to guest post for me, contact me. We’ll talk terms and conditions…mostly, your term is anytime you want to and the conditions are favorable for guest posters anytime I’m gone.

Just remember…my blog is published daily on the local paper webpage so you have to be nice and not post about pink thongs, toys of a different nature, or things like that.

Any volunteers?


Anybody out there?

(Sniff. Sniff.) (Janie wipes away a tear.)

Okay. Have a great day…and please pray for Scott’s quick and complete recovery! I’m hitting the streets of Denver.


midlife slices said...

Life is always interesting in Janie world, isn't it??

Glad brother Scott finally got that ticker thing worked out and you're having fun in Denver. Kidnappings can be a fun thing.....with the right person.

Jane! said...

Shoot, most days I need a guest poster and I haven't even gone anywhere. I wish I had more time for my OWN blog. Besides, you know I can't stop talking about pink thongs and grown-up toys.
Ooh, are you gonna pick up the google pervs now!

Soxy Deb said...

Keeping a good thought for Little Brother.
If you need a poster let me know, I'll take care of you and wont post anything about Big Blue. Promise - lol.

Belle said...

I was definitely up for it until you banned the pink thong. Scott is in my thoughts.

Bleu said...

For us men sometimes it's nice to have the wife around, like when you need a glass of tea ...

Hope your Bro a speedy recovery, Bros are useful to keep around also.
Everytime my bro has a problem with his HOA (back porch roof was not at the right angle), he informs them his bro is a bigtime lawyer that loves to fight HOAs. I was like "Wow, I didn't know I went to law school" and he informed me that he did have "high hopes for me" .., lol

Anonymous said...

To heck with the guest host thingie... just hope your brother is doing well!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Joanie said...

Glad to hear that Scott is on the mend. And you enjoy yourself n Denver! Wish someone would kidnap me and take me to an island in the Caribbean!

Karen said...

Best wishes to your brother and a speedy recovery. Have a great weekend in Denver! I'm heading to Kerrville Thursday to pick up the boy for spring break.

♥ Braja said...

Heifer??? Well shit, I guess at least you're calling me a cow.... that a cow?

I'll guest post. Anything to shut you up and make you quit your bitchin'...


Terri said...

Janie, You are only 2 hours and 45 minutes from some really great friends here in KS! Pop on over!
Hope you're brother is doing well......
Did you get my link to the Kurt ranch?
Hope you get out of there before the blizzard!Ha

Ann's Rants said...

That is very sad news for little brother. I hope he is okay.

Now you and the rest of bloggyland will be so sick of guest posts as I have a whole week of them lined up beginning Monday for while I'm away. I'd say shoot me, but knowing you gun-loving folks I'd never joke ;)

xo and hope alls well that ends well.

Fragrant Liar said...

My prayers go out to you and Scott for his speedy recovery. About guest blogging, I can't prevent some of the stuff that comes out of my -- er, fingertips when I blog. But I'll support whoever you choose to fill in!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Sending Appy Power to your little brother.
Have some fun!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Oh no! Is this the same brother you wanted to beat the crap out of a few weeks ago??? (my prayers are with him and your whole family)
You want guest posters with restrictions put on their writing? That takes all the fun out of it!

SSP said...

aww man, hope Scott feels better soon. Brothers are important - I saw a sign today that said, "If brothers were noses, I'd pick you" and that is definitely how I feel about mine. have fun with the kidnapping!

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Midlife - would you have it any other way, than interesting?

Jane! - girl, you are seriously funny

Deb - you were exactly who I was thinking of when I said that. Anyday you want to post will be great!

Belle - would a blue one work?

Bleu - you'd BETTER duck!;)

Di - thanks for the well wishes!

Joanie - Caribbean sounds suhweet!

Karen - that Hill Country is fun stuff! Make him take you to Gruene Hall!

Braja - nmw. No more whining. Heifer.

Terri - c'mon over - we're doing another play tonight!

Ann - guestpost away, girlfriend. I'll be there for ya!

FragrantLiar - you can guest post for me anytime, you know you can.

WOW - it is he. And after he's well, you can beat the crap out of him. But not til then, okay?;)

SSP - that's exactly how I feel about Scott! He'll crack up when he reads this...

Cactus Jack - thanks so much!

bernthis said...

I'll help out. Anything for a fellow blogger in need? oh and in return I will expect you to set me up on a blind date with my future husband. That's all. Let me know when you need me.

Thrilled Scott made it out okay.

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Girl. My husband and I played all your videos today. We laughed our butts off (well, mine is still there.) - he really enjoyed them!

You're gonna make it one day, I know.

Til then, I will be on the lookout for that perfect guy for you.

Gwynne said...

Oh, man! I thought Scott already had his 2nd chance. Scary stuff! Glad he's better and you're able to rest a little while your fabulous guest bloggers chip in.

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Gwynne - I know, girl. Scary stuff! I'm glad he's better!

Anonymous said...

That's just like a little brother. No consideration for your plans.

As for being a guest blogger: I think you eliminated me with your requirements. I'd have nothing to talk about!

Junosmom said...

Janie, me thinking of a new career - ghost writer for busy bloggers. Wait! I'm a busy blogger. I guess that won't work.

Simplicity said...

Oh geez! I missed this post earlier. :( I hope Scott's doing well. Many prayers always of course!

I would guest post for you if I could keep up with my own dam blog, but I've sucked at that lately so I'll just let you know that I WOULD if I thought it would benefit you! xoxo

Guest posting freaks me out for some reason...I get all lost in spots and I get confused easily. When people change their pictures I think, "Who the hell is that?" Sometimes I wonder if my memory will hold out much longer! :0)