Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mark Your Time in Seasons - Football and Hunting, That Is!

Jet and Trap, heading out to their trialing field.

Trap the German Shorthair starting out his hunting. Hunt 'em up, boy! Doesn't he look happy?!

Trap, retrieving his first bird of the trial. He knows what he's doing, and he loves it!

This is Jet and Trap, immediately after their first run. I don't know who's more excited!

This past weekend at the field trial, I met a young couple named Jet and Stephanie. Actually, I met Jet a couple of months ago, at Pet Smart. Zanna the WonderPup and I were at Zanna’s puppy training, and this young man comes up to the window to introduce himself to me. Seems he has a young shorthair named Trap, and he and his wife seemed pretty new to this area. I told him about the field trials, and the Llano Estacado Bird Hunting Association, and he told me he was interested in getting involved and meeting other hunters. Jet is a football coach, so he told me his time would be limited until after football season was over.

This weekend was Jet’s first field trial with Trap. Though I attended, I didn’t hunt - just trying to get 100% well after my bout with the respiratory junk. Another young man ran Zack for me.

Jet comes up to greet me, and I went over to meet his wife, Stephanie. She’s a sweetheart, and is a teacher in our local school system. We visited for a while, and while talking, I asked her how long they had been in town. Her response?

“Two football seasons.”

I cracked up, thinking “Uh-oh. I’ve got to introduce her to shooting. Once Jet gets addicted to hunting/field trials, Stephanie will have two seasons by which to mark her time. she might as well be involved in one of them.” She laughed, as well.

We visited for a while, then I went on to take care of some business. It was almost time for Trap’s run, and Jet comes up to me again. He asks me to take pictures during his run.

I just could not turn him down. How many people get to document their first run?

Jet and Trap did well, and as I predicted, Jet got adrenalined up - he now loves field trialing. And so does Trap the German Shorthair! Here are some of the shots, for your enjoyment. I know you love good hunting pictures. (I’ll convert all of you yet!) Oh, yeah - and now, Stephanie’s ready to start shooting!


Michelle said...

Great photos!! You caught Trap is such good running shots!!!! Way to go!!

Now, perhaps i would hunt but not for animals!!! Just leaves and stuff!!! :O)


Jeff said...

Janie, football season is still under way! STEELER NATION!

Janie said...

Michelle - it's all good. You can still wear cute camo!

Jeff - Shhhhh. Don't tell Stephanie! Hope y'all are doing well.

Kaci said...

Quite the photog!! =>

Gretchen said...

Those are great photos! Here in PA we mark time by winter and road construction.

Belle said...

Gosh Janie. It looks great there. We are also smack-bang in the middle of pheasant-hunting season here. We are out every Saturday with the dogs.

Janie said...

Kaci - thanks!

Gretchen - I know, girl, I know. Hope to be up there myself soon!

Belle - are you hunters, too? Where do you live?

Janie said...

Belle -
Girl...I forgot you live in London! Want to come over here and go hunting? We can soooo trade out!

Belle said...

I wish....
I'm trying the lotto again tonight. As I do every week. Will let you know if you need to clear a landing strip for my private plane..

Jennifer and Sandi said...

I'll ship Luna to you guys and you can pheasant train her for us as she comes from field trial pheasant hunting dogs. hehehehehe we've been taking her to an off leash park down the street and she does really well. Your pups look VERY happy!!!

Happy Wednesday
- Jennifer

Leon Basin said...

What a beautiful dog;)

Vodka Mom said...

Is there anything that you don't do???

And, when a man with a gun says take my picture, you take the damn picture.

Janie said...

Belle - I'll make sure there are no tumbleweeds on the airstrip!
Jennifer - ship her on down! She's got the bloodlines, I'm sure!
Leon - Thanks so much, kind sir!
VM - Well, yeah, but don't tell anyone. I don't shoot up. And as to taking the pix, I never thought about it that way! Crazy heifer.

Sunny said...

the two rock!

Tami said...

Oh Trap.....I do so love a workin' dog of any kind. Pitter Patter goes my tart ummm heart.