Thursday, January 22, 2009

Janie and Jilly Do Mansfield - Part 1

I promised, so here it be...the Jill and Janie Chronicles, Chapter 1.

(Who really talks like that? I mean, the “here it be” part?)

I called Jill, she of Jill Jill Bo Bill fame, Wednesday sometime. We had discussed me leaving Midland around 2 p.m., so as to miss the Fort Worth traffic and still get to Mansfield, our designated special meeting place. She told me it was halfway. (I beg to differ. My odometer says I trucked almost 350 miles. I think the Jilly-girl logged 90, up and back. Heifer.) We decided I’d call when I got to Weatherford, then she’d leave her house and head my way.

I really tried to leave Midland at 2 p.m....but it just didn’t work. Sometime right after lunch I found out we have a field trial this coming weekend, so I had to make last minute arrangements to take Zack the Wonder Dog to the trainer so he could rack up some practice before I came back home. I got packed, loaded him up, left the house...and there had been a wreck at the end of my street. I think 400 cars were diverted right in front of my house. I finally pulled out, got about 2 miles out of town, and realized I’d left Zack’s special food, and his medicine. Can’t have my Wonderdog getting sick on me! So, I turned around, going another way to miss the wreck. I missed the wreck, all right, but drove upon two more fender benders that had happened within the diverted traffic.

I swear, this stuff only happens to me. In Midland, no less. In a 30 mph neighborhood.

I finally got back home, loaded everything up, and headed to Big Spring to drop the Zackster off. He was SO excited, pacing up and down the seats in my truck, that dog knew Exactly.Where.He.Was.Going and that it meant “Hunting, Mom! Hunting! Hunting!” He is so funny.

And, I headed down the road. I think I left Big Spring at 3:30 p.m. I am freaking out, thinking I am going to be way late getting to Jill. We’ve had many a late night telephone conversation, but we’ve never met in person. I’m very excited - I know we’re going to have fun, finally!! LaToya the Sequoia and I put the pedal to the medal and drive about 83 all the way...and I beat Jill to our meeting place...’cause that’s how I rock, ya know.

I walk in to Johnny Carino’s, and she’s not yet there. I get a table, and wait. And wait. And wait.

Okay, I’m lying. She got there in like 5 minutes.

I had told Jill I was slobbing out in a t-shirt and sweats. No makeup. Not even any earrings. Hair screaming. Looking my very best for my hot internet date. You know what that heifer said? “Oh, me too! I’m wearing sweats. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Who cares what we look like?”

What a liar.

Jill glides in the door, beautiful, cute vest, all blinged up, hair cute as a button, perfect Texas Big Hair. And yeah, she’s got on sweats...velour ones. She’s probably going to call “What Not To Wear” on me, and y’all are going to get to see all my bad fashion diseases.

Heifer. (Have I told you I love this Jilly girl?)

Jill and I started talking, and it was like we’d known each other forever, and were just meeting for a meal(which I don’t even remember eating. I swear.). We can’t wait for ThoseMenWeLove to meet each other - we just know they’ll get along great! And if these same men ever get sick simultaneously, we’re going to lock them together in the same house so they can figure out how much men whine when they have the Man Cold. And we will go thrift store shopping. That’ll show them!

The managers kicked us out of the restaurant, I went to my hotel, and Jilly drove home - and called me when she got there so I wouldn’t worry about her.

Destiny, bloggers, destiny. It could happen to you! You just have to have the “want to” and the patience to wait on people who are perpetually late, like me.

Jill, thanks for your patience, chica. I’ll be back in town in a couple of weeks - like February the 10th or so. The famous Rebecca is going to cut my hair, and she’ll be serving margaritas and wine. Be there or be square! Now, quit showing your boob, heifer! Here's a better picture of us. Jill's the one on the left. Do you like my extensions?

To be continued sometime in February...


Vodka Mom said...

i love this damn bloggy world. It is so COOL!!!

Now, i am SO flying to meet you all when you do that again.


scotte said...

Now , I don't have any pictures of you in stewardess garb. Sounds fun as always. Lave you muches

Irish Gumbo said...

Wow, you look a lot like Paris Hilton. Amazing!

Gregory said...

My eyesight is not what it used to be.

Could you post a close-up of your extensions.

Thanks, in advance.

Simplicity said...

Oh man! I can't see the pictures! I'm on my stupid Blackberry which I love dearly and would never call stupid normally, but I want to see the pics! My computer has been tied up by my heifer of a daughter who is studying for exams. I wanna meet some blogging buddies too! Hmmmmm...perhaps I should revisit my childhood plans to create a transporting machine! :)

Gretchen said...

Which one in the photo do you happen to resemble? :)

The Wife said...

Very funny!

I read about Zanna's 12 hour reign of terror! Yes, I am quite lucky. Lil Man only has the barn to terrorize and me when I'm outside!

♥georgie♥ said...

awwww I really am so envious!!! I soooo ♥ Jilly....thank goodness you got a pic that doesnt have Jills itty bitty titty hanging out!!! much more respectable

The Other Janie said...

Really. No shift. My best *in the flesh* friend's name is Jill. We had a reputation. We'd get asked....are you Janie as in Janie and Jill.....that Janie?? Then I'd sign autographs and move on to the next......uh write another check, but that's neither here nor there. BTW, I'm 30 minutes from Mansfield and have lots of extra room. Next girls just meet here and I'll serve you margaritas and just watch and laugh. really.

Junosmom said...

wow Janie, you and Jill should get a TV show.

The Doozie said... two are kinda trampy in that picture? Maybe you should wear parka's next time.

Jeanne said...

Visiting from VM's place....

Meeting a bloggy buddy sounds like so much fun! I just "met" Jill the other day -- she's a hoot.

And now I'm off to Hoodchick's fundraiding fish fry, which doesn't count because I knew her before we ever started blogging....

Anonymous said...

I called Jill today and when she answered the phone I knew I was in trouble. She even SOUNDS cute. (I hate cute) and when she asked "Who IS this?" and I said "Well, holy crap in a cathedral" she knew immediately.

Glad to know the two of you spent the entire visit talking about me.

Braja said...

Velour sweats and big hair??!! I love you two!!

Janie said...

VM - We are all SO going to get together soon. When you least expect it, we'll be on your doorstep waiting for a drink.

Scott - now, you do! love you, too!

Irish - Thanks! (I think!)

Gregory - dude. You always make me laugh. Use your zoom, dufus.

Simplicity - you'll love them.

Gretchen - I resemble Paris. Yeah. On my best day!;)

The Wife - yes'm, you're lucky. But your day is coming with that pup!

Georgie - I'm glad I could serve. Jill was getting a little bitty titty risque there.

The Other Janie - i don't know what will happen in the future with Jill and I...let's just say this - if something funny as hell happens, blame it on us. If it's about drama...that's not us. That will be cool. I don't do drama. I'm a weenie about it.

Juno'sMom - Girl. I LOVE you.

Simplicity - you'll love them! Oh. I ALREADY said that.

Jeanne - you met Jill? You must live close! Next time I'm in town....

Dana - we didn't talk about you even once. Get a life. Okay, I'm lying. We talked about you twice.

Braja - How is your ayurvedic ass doing? I love you, too. and hell yeah, velour sweats and big hair.

Nicole said...

How fun you two!

It sounds like you two really just fit perfectly right together even you literally met the first time in person.

Michelle said...

How freaking cool is this?

You got to meet a fellow blogger and she turns out to be just as gorgeous as you are!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Velour sweats huh? NICE!!!

Janie your funny lady! I like you!!!

Janie said...

Nicole and Michelle - it was a great time! Next time, you'll both have to come meet us!

Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub said...

Congrats on your blogher-date!! It sounds like it was an awesome night out. Wait, did you really have to drive 350 miles??? NO! If so, there should be some kind of special blog-land award for that kind of dedication.

Janie said...

Amy - I did drive 350 miles. But I was driving in for work, so it was no big deal.

I just tried to make it look that way.

i confess.

Simplicity said...

Oh wow you girls look HAWT!! Too funny!

jill jill bo bill said...

HA!!! I told you I was the short one!

PS Clinton and Stacy called. You won't be getting JUST a haircut. heh heh heh heh heh heh

Valerie said...

lol sounds like ya'll had a blast!