Sunday, September 28, 2008

Love...It Don't Cost A Thing

Okay. While ago, I had nothing to say. That has now changed.

My blogging buddy Jill had a birthday last week.

And as I was checking up on blogs, I saw that Jill’s husband Rick surprised her by flying in her mom and her sister Amy. Isn’t that sweet? You can see all the cool pix at Amy’s blog. Did I say Jill’s husband Rick surprised her? I did, didn’t I? I said that he surprised her! Which brings me to the next part.

While I tried to keep it somewhat quiet, your blogging buddy Janie also had a birthday last week. Some bloggers busted me, but for the most part, I kept Silent Sammie.

Janie’s husband MLH didn’t surprise her. Matter of fact, he himself got surprised. You see, MLH forgot his beautiful wife’s birthday in all his 24 hour/7 days a week work in Pennsylvania. When he realized it was Janie’s birthday, he quickly called Younger Son to save the day. YS then went and picked up flowers and a card and had them waiting at the house when I arrived, at 9:30 p.m. Yup, he’s in deep caca now. MLH, I mean. Younger Son? He’s an angel.

Back to MLH. We have a rule that when either of us is out of town, there should be at least two phone calls per day – one in the morning, one at night. This isn’t happening with any regularity, either. More deep caca. Growing every minute caca.

(Have y'all noticed all my blogs lately concern caca?)

MLH is treading in very deep water and should probably be afeared for his very life. I have a friend that has an alleged penchant for stabbing…but she travels incognito, so I can’t give you any linky love to her blog.

Janie is living life without MLH, missing him, but…going on. Shopping extensively to fill the void. Eating out with girlfriends to fill the void. Going hunting frequently with friends to fill the void. Buying highly expensive* vehicles to fill the void. Training dogs to fill the void. Cleaning out the garage to fill the void. Buying hunting** vehicles to fill the void. Hair, nail appointments to fill the void. Facials to fill the void. Haven’t been to the movies yet without MLH but that’s coming, too.

Are you getting the picture? Better yet, if MLH reads this blog, do you think he’ll get the picture?

When my friend John forgot (1) his wife Suzan’s 60th birthday and (2) their 30th anniversary, I threatened to send him an air-brushed shovel with the following painted on it:

1) Forgetting wife’s birthday: $60K (2008 GMC Denali)
2) Forgetting wedding anniversary: $450K (New house in PA)
3) Shovel to dig your way out of this mess: Priceless

MLH thought that was so funny! Until I reminded him of it last night.

Janie: “Honey, have you seen John and Suzan? Did you ask John if you could borrow his shovel?”

MLH: (Silence, then a gasp.) “Oh, Lordy, I’ve done exactly the same thing, haven’t I?”

Once MLH started consulting, I gained much, including MLH’s happiness to be out in the field. He absolutely loves his job, and it’s been really neat to see him grow and learn and put those mega brains to work doing something he loves. He's really found his niche. However, I did lose some benefits, i.e.:

1) I had to start packing for myself.
2) I had to start taking out the trash.
3) I have to load the high powered dogs, guns, cages, and all their paraphernalia myself into my truck.
4) And I’m on my own many days and nights.
5) When he’s on one of those jobs that goes into all hours, communication is por nada, lots of times due to lack of cellular service, or too busy on location.
6) And he usually brings me Starbucks Venti Chai to my office when he’s in town. Plus a package of Madeline cookies. Oh, yeah.
7) AND I forgot to say, MLH took MY truck to PA. And left me in a rental.

I know, I’m spoiled. Rotten. Most days.

But I’m Soooooooooooooooo worth it.

And I know it.

So, Baby. You’d better hurry up, finish that job, and come on home. You may be knocking down some big bucks up there…just consider the costs.

One more thing - did you take my American Express? Oh. You did? No probs. They'll send me another.



* I had permission to buy my new SUV.
**I had permission to buy John and Suzan's jeep for hunting.


jill jill bo bill said...

If it wasn't so late, I would call and serenade you like you did me. I am so sorry he fgot your birthday and I know he is too. (Man is he sorry!) Are you planning any trip to Dallas soon? Cuz ya know we have property and will build you a house and he can just come "home" to the house right next door to us where you will be living!!!!!! Love you! And Happy happy late birthday!!!!

Janie said...

I almost put that on the blog. "Buying new property and building new house next to Jill to fill the void."


Gretchen said...

Nothing worse than forgetting a birthday! All sorts of torture can be planned and no court in this universe would ever convict you! :)

Lynellen said...

Happy Birthday, Janie!

Pam said...

I didn't know it was your birthday last week...I thought you were pulling Jill's chain! Happy late when is it, exactly? I would have gotten on a conference call with Jill for a seranade!

Janie said...

Gretchen...I know, girl, and he's gonna get it! Blog fodder for L.I.F.E.!!

Thanks, Lynellen!

Pamo - I know, I like to be silent about such things - but I knew I had to blog about it when I could jack MLH up with how nice Rick was to Jill. I love messing with him!

Geo said...

It's in the stars -- some of the nicest people have September birthdays.

cheryl said...

Poor Steve - nah! Poor Janie - I've seen you in your without husband state - we even ate at the same place 2 days in a row! I promise we will set Steve straight - I promise just as soon as I can we will be going to the movies - then let him know all about it.! Happy late birthday!

scotte said...

I beg to differ with your title!!!
I love my wife and kids- Housing , food, education, grandkids,+ all cost something.
My friend on the other hand-no wife,kids,or grandkids. Small house, food for 1, no college, and very little love.
Love you too

Janie said...

Well, everything is relative!

Love you back.

Janie said...

Oooh! Happy Birthday, George!

And Cheryl...yeah, let's party it up. He can read the blog til he gets home! Thanks...

Lone Chatelaine said...

Aw, I might be alone most of the time, but I do realize that once you've had someone there, it's terribly difficult when they have to go away a while. I'm wondering if since this post was on Sunday, what your Am Ex statement is up to at this point. Hundred grand, perhaps? :)

By the way, I may not be alone much longer ;-)

Janie said...

Chatelaine - I.was.wondering. About the not being alone much longer part. for you, I mean.
Tell me more, girlfriend!

I knocked a hole in 100K with the SUV, lemme tella you. But that ain't on the gold amex! ;)

amelia bedelia said...

oh my gosh, girly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY....(belated)!! Thanks for the kudos on your post, too!

Janie said...

Thanks, Amelia! As to the kudos, well, girl, you deserved them! Ya done good!