Saturday, September 6, 2008

Random September Week

Where the heck did this week go? Let’s see…

Monday – we came home from Lubbock, heading towards the oilpatch, where MLH had some work to finish. Halfway there (Hobbs, N.M.), we got a call that an important piece of equipment had gone down. Being a holiday, MLH decided to cut his losses and shut the job down for the day. Or, as the pulling unit guys say, “Shot de job down por day.” I’m pretty sure his crew loved him for making them work on a holiday, driving all the way out there, then sending them all home. Life in the patch, gotta love it. Anyway, we drove home, and started laundry and other weekend duties that make the next week better.

Tuesday, I attended a funeral of one of my favorite coworkers, John R. He had worked at Halliburton for 46 years, and by all counts, was trying for 50 years. You can read other blogger’s stories of John here and here in the posting Friends. We love you, John, and we'll miss you. You were a man of much wisdom.

Wednesday, I had tons of meetings.

Thursday found me flying the friendly Southwest skies to DFW. Ran around Dallas all day Thursday. I called Mike and Pam, and had supper with them in Mansfield Thursday night, and spent the night at their house.

I headed to work in Fort Worth on Friday.

Sometime inbetween Thursday and Friday, we bought a jeep from John and Suzan and I had planned on driving it home. MLH called right before I was to pick it up, and said, “Why don’t I pick it up later? You fly home.”

I’m SO glad I did. Arrived at the Midland airport around 3pm on Friday, and my phone started ringing the minute I turned it on. One of our friends had come by the house to let the dogs out of the kennel for a bit. Seems like Zack was “lethargic”. Have you ever seen a lethargic German Shorthair? When Zack was let out of his kennel, he lay down on the concrete. LAY DOWN. Zack doesn’t have a LAY DOWN bone in his body…unless he’s getting under our comforter, when it’s bedtime. I rushed home, grabbed the ZZ crew up, and off to Town and Country Vet we went. Poor Dr. Riordan can’t get our boy Zack well - Zack just finished his antibiotics Thursday morning. After x-ray and investigation, Riordan (aka Sherlock) determined that Zack ate “something”. What he ate is anyone’s guess, as he was never out of his kennel except for his daily walk. So here we go again, special canned food, and if we can keep Zack well this time one day past antibiotics, he’ll go on a daily medicine much like Prilosec. Maybe we can get him past all this stuff. I’m ready. Don’t like it when our boy feels bad.

Today, we went to breakfast, then MLH went to the oilpatch. I went to Home Depot and dropped a wad on appliances (stainless steel, no less!), sinks, toilets, faucets, shower heads, etc. It’s time to renovate another one of our duplexes. Carpet will be laid next week. Tile work has already been done, and it’s beautiful. Cabinets have been totally refaced, and painted. Beautiful, again. How come my renters live in sweeter quarters than MLH and I? What The Heck is WRONG with that picture? We gotta get this straight. This Princess is about to come U.N.D.O.N.E. Well, not really. We’ll get everything done on our of list of “honey-do’s” someday.

Shortly after I finished shopping, my phone rang. It was Little Brother, and he wanted to come hang out. What timing! We were going hunting tomorrow, and were going to call to see if he wanted to go with us. So now, Little Brother and his real little brother are in another room playing Wii. They are growing so much! I’m in the TV room updating y’all, listening the sweet music of gentle snoring a la Zack and Zanna. Little Brother’s Mom and big sister went off to do some girly-girl things alone. Elder Son’s going to meet us at the hunting grounds in the morning, so we’ll all have a good time.

Gotta go…check out all your blogs…I’m wayyyyy behind! Have a great weekend!


Lone Chatelaine said...

Good grief, girl, I get tired just reading about all you do. I hope Zack gets good and well. It's so sad when the doggies get sick. But it's also so sweet when they're laid out snoring and content :)

Lynellen said...

I hope they can fix Zack up for good!

The machinery that went you think it had some 'help' so that they didn't have to work on a holiday? :)

Janie said...

Chatelaine - I get tired reading about it, too. But when I'm doing all those things, I'm not tired. I don't know. It just happens!

Lynellen - as to the machinery, well, that's a thought! I'm sure it happens.

To both of you: Zack sends "love and lickies". Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers. We're gonna get this boy well!

Gwynne said...

What a full week! I do hope they figure out what's up with Zack. Our Cocoa is still not better and the vet doesn't know what it is. *sigh*

Janie said...

Gosh, Gwynne. I'll be praying even harder for Cocoa. What is the dealeo with our animal babies? It's frustrating, it is.

jill jill bo bill said...

OK< Mike and Pam suck for stealing you away from me. You were only 45 minutes from me off 287. Fine. Ya best let me know when you come to the sacred grounds again so we can do lunch. And for the the love of gawd, stay out of Walmart, will ya?

PS: Did the vet ever tell you to give Zach cottage cheese with canned food? Had an old vet tell me once it settles their tummy and makes them get out whay is ailin' them. Worked everytime for me. I mean my dogs. I hate canned dog food. Too bland.

Janie said...

Jill...we are going to have to plan the hookup! You must live close to Mike and Pam - 45 minutes is nothing!

And, yeah...I'll stay out of Walmart.

Thanks for the canned food/cottage cheese tip!

Snooty Primadona said...

Janie, you need to get a life, lol. Honestly, I'm thoroughly exhausted after reading your posts these days. I am in awe.

Very sorry to hear about the death of your friend. He sounds like just the kind of man everyone would have wanted to know. Salt (or is that sugar?) of the earth.

I can't believe Zach isn't feeling well again. However, I've been on Prilosec since the days when it cost $200.00 for a 30 day supply. It was worth every cent to keep the pain at bay. It still works to this day, even at a cheaper price, lol. Without it, I think I'm dying. I'm completely serious. I have the incurable ulcers from the days of old.

Now don't laugh, but jill's post made me think of something. Since animals are often given the same antibiotics as us, perhaps he might do well with a bit of Activia... or even Acidopholus to cleanse the body of the bug or whatever it was. I know it sounds crazy but Vets don't always know the answer. Lord knows they won't refer you to anything that doesn't come with the seal of approval from the good ole animal version of the FDA. Ever since the pet foods that killed so many beloved pets from some (still undetermined) source, I feed my Trouble cat nothing but chicken I cook for her. One per week @ $5.99. She hasn't been sick in more than 12 years. Unless you consider urping up gigantic hairballs is a *condition*, lol.

i beati said...

I see you like a cartoon woman with those little dust clouds of speed at her feet- a roadrunner hahah get well sweet Zack sk

Janie said...

Snooty - chicken, huh? I fed them chicken this morning (don't tell the vet!) and it must have done them some good.

(Well, in their minds. Now they won't even eat the prescription dog food.)

Activia sounds like a good idea. But until we started feeding this prescription food, Zack had diarrhea. I think that would have exacerbated his condition.

But now he's better, maybe I can do that from time to time!

Terri (aka Pepsi's mom) suggested organic dog food. And I'm thinking about that, seriously.

Hope you're feeling better.

Sandy - sometimes, that's exactly how I feel. Seriously.

Lynellen said...

It may be that Zack can tolerate yogurt if it is small enough doses.

Janie said...

Lynellen - I'm going to try that. Probably just not Activia, though! ;)