Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Truck? An SUV? A Golf Cart? What to Do?

It's a field trial morning. Here's a picture of little Tucker on point. He had three points, three birds in the bag in less than 5 minutes. Beautiful, isn't he?

And here's the Zanna Montana, practicing up for her next field trial. Which should probably be, ummmm, maybe next year? But, hey - she does like her some bird!
It’s been an exciting day. We left the house at 6 a.m., ZZ crew in tow, for the field trial in Coahoma. Zack and I were the second run of the day. Zack did well, his owner, not so well. It would help if I would get all the rules down. Zack pointed a bird, and before I could get to it, it flushed. I didn’t try to shoot it, which cost us major points. (I wasn’t sure if I should. Now, I know better.) But, more field trialing tomorrow, so we shall see! Zack and I will be running doubles with Linda and her dog, Molly. It will be fun.

We’re trying to find another vehicle, so we stopped at two dealerships so I could test-drive their trucks. Our idea is to keep MLH’s old 4wd Powerstroke as a backup to his work truck. His work truck will now become my 2004 4wd Yukon XL, leaving me to find a new or nearly new replacement vehicle. We’ve been looking for a while, and just haven’t made the final decision.

All of that, to tell you this.

MLH came in last night, saying that he’s finally going to Pennsylvania to frac a well. This has been his dream assignment for the last 6 months or so, and it’s finally coming to pass. He is so excited! When we arrived back at the house this afternoon, plans were that he would leave on Monday to be there by Wednesday. The project manager called about an hour ago, when we were trying to nap. He told MLH he’d like him to be there on Tuesday, and it’s a 25 hour drive. So, MLH will be leaving tomorrow morning…in my beloved Yukon XL. It’s just more dependable, and we both feel better about him taking that vehicle.

The jeep we purchased is still sitting in Grapevine, Texas.

The Powerstroke is full of oilfield tools, and needs detailing before this girl can entertain customers out of it.

That is one dirty truck!!! Thank God, it's been raining out here. So, now, we’re going to the airport to pick up a rental car to utilize until I can get the jeep here, get the Powerstroke detailed, and/or find another pickup or whatever. And the ZZ crew and I will be batching it for quite a while. (sniff.) We'll miss that man we love, and at the same time, we're excited for this new opportunity.

Life is never boring.


jill jill bo bill said...

You are so sweet1 I just got your message and almost cried! Thank you for praying. It's working and the storm is not near as firce as expected. The wind is still gusting strong, but I'm a panhandle girl and this is nuthin'! I will email some info I want to share with you! Love ya girl!

Snooty Primadona said...

I'm assuming Tucker is your brother's doogie. Gorgeous animal. Looks quite content with himself. Typical guy, lol.

Zanna is so cute! Letting her get the feel of the bird in her mouth early, huh? No harm in that.

Sorry you lost points on not going for the birds. That would have been me too, lol. Better luck tomorrow... Hell, the last time we went bird hunting, I nearly shot my dang foot off because I was trying to get all the details of the competition hunt together in my mind. Exactly the kind of thing that happens whenever I try to think too hard, lol. I swear I really can chew gum & walk. Sometimes.

Let me know if you want someone to drive you up to get the Jeep. I'm available, lol. But hey, the 4X4 would certainly offer customers *the real experience* when you take them out on wells, lol. If they're real men they won't complain.

Janie said...

Jill - no problema, chica. Glad the storm didn't blow all the S*** off your porch! ;)

Snooty - Tucker belongs to Ronnie and Lisa Burnett - he's beautiful, isn't he? He did SO good in the meet today - while his dad, Ronnie, played golf in the Oilman's tourney. Gotta get your priorities straight, heh?

I knew, somehow, that you were a hunter! I learned so much today...after I ran Zack, I went back out with another hunter and judge with my camera and took pictures. Just by the very act of that, I get to see more rules in place, so I get "larned up" as it were.

About that bird and Zanna - that bird didn't bother her a bit. But right now, she can't tell you the difference between a bird and a frisbee, just so long as you throw it for her. She will flat bring it back to you!

I'll come get you tomorrow in that dirty truck and you'll wish I hadn't. It's. Really. Bad.



Terri aka Pepsi's Mom said...

Hey Janie, wishing you lots of luck in the trial tomorrow! I'm leaving Tuesday to go to New York to spend 9 days with my daughter! A girlfriend (Colo dog friend)is going with me that grew up 20 mi from Coxsackie we are going to rent a car at Albany & gooooooo
Pepsi & Sierra are going to a trial with Eddie, just don't know where yet!
I trust that Zack is feeling better?

Terri aka Pepsi's Mom said...

By the way, it has been my field experience to "if in doubt, TAKE the SHOT!"
Don't ask

Tiffany said...

Wow! A girl with her dogs who also shoots? My kind of gal. LOL

Janie said...

Terri - thanks so much! I'll let you know how I do. And as far as taking the shot anyway, I SOOOO learned that yesterday. And I am So.Going.To.Ask. the next time I see you!

Tiffany - it is SOOOOO much fun! Love for you to come join us!

The Doozie said...

you gotta speak english for the mentally departed...what is "frac a well?

If I was you I'd just rent a car. That truck looks scary

i beati said...

I take it both man you love and Zack are feeling good- both special diets or just one..joking but not. Adorable Zanna and bird..hahah

Janie said...

Doozie - frac a well is slang for fracture stimulation - how we sometimes have to get a newly drilled well to produce. It's really neat (and what I do for a living!).

Sandy - both are on special diets and faring well!