Friday, October 3, 2008

Over in Santa Fe

I’m stupid.

I was supposed to leave this morning for Santa Fe, NM. That was my intent.

However, I woke up at 7:45 a.m. My intent (I’m full of that crap, aren’t I?) was to be at the cleaners at 7 a.m., come home, pack, take the dogs to the kennel, and leave. By 10 a.m. at the latest.

The best laid plans of mice and Janie. All shot to heck because I decided to work this morning until 1:35 a.m. And then I went home.

Well, decided to work is probably incorrect. Realized I’d not done my expenses in 2 months and figured I better get them done. In reality, received a rude phone call from American Express Corporate Card and decided I’d best get in compliance before I got my whole company cut off from utilizing their credit cards.

So busy girl too dang busy to do her expense accounts e-mails her boss, in a totally subservient and contrite manner, after completing 2 months worth of expense reports. At 1:30 in the morning.

Um. Oh, Jamison, oh, greatest boss in the world, oh man of much wisdom who always takes care of everything for me…

Amex cut me off today. At least they called me so I wasn’t embarrassed too badly – well, except when NMOGA called me and my card was declined. I put it on my personal to save face. Gotta love that.

And now, my expenses are officially caught up. Sorry I let them get behind. Can you get them (#1) paid asap and (#2) my Amex turned back on?

I have been SOOOOO busy but you know that. There’s no excuse. Please forgive me and don’t take it out of my bonus – or better yet, my driving allowance. I know you have compassion for a busy girl who keeps putting off doing her expenses…didn’t the same thing happen to you recently?

(I wouldn’t be so busy if I.didn’ rant about a situation).) (I didn’t say that. I didn’t. I didn’t. Oh, yes I did.)


Anyway, God willing, it won’t happen again.

I’m off to Santa Fe, boss. Have a good dove hunting trip and think about me while you’re blapping those poor defenseless dove.

You didn’t e-mail that to your boss, Janie.

Oh, yes, I did.

And to his credit, he’s not responded. At all.

Hell. I might be fired.


Anyway, back to my story.

I was tired. I overslept. Then I had to run all sorts of errands.

Go to the cleaners. Go back to the office and print off the insurance card for my new Sequoia. Which by the way I freakin’ love. Then, called Baby Brother Scott, because, all of a sudden, I HAD to see him before I left town. I picked him up, then we dropped by the house and unloaded the truck full of cleaning. We loaded up the dogs and took them to the kennel, where I felt like a mom dropping her kindergartner off on the first day. Except Zack and Zanna didn’t cry, they just went. With someone else. Sob. Sniff. Howl.

Okay. So, then, Scott and I went to eat lunch. It’s now 12:30 p.m., and lunch lasted an hour or so. We had fun. I’m glad I took the time to be with him. And, he bought! Yeah! (Just teasing, Scott.)

So, I go home. No, I didn’t. I still had to run more errands. Got those done, then went home.
Started trying to pack. I think I took everything out of my closet. I was just stuck! Formal wear. Jeans and shooting stuff for the sporting clay tournament. Pairing items together. Jeans and dressy jackets for that downtown Santa Fe look while shopping. (Guys, don’t check out on me here.)

I get to that certain point.

You know, the one where you need a second opinion?

Cherie to the rescue! It’s now 5:30 p.m. Bob and Cherie go get sandwiches, and come over to help. Cherie cheerleads me into getting it all done, packed, and in the truck. It’s now 8:00 p.m.-ish.

Yup. 8:00 p.m. I’m almost ready to leave for Santa Fe.

8:20 p.m. I finally leave for Santa Fe. A good 8 hour trip. Santa Fe. Where every single event I attend I will be attending without MLH. Everybody will have their spouse there, and I’m flying solo. I don’t even want to go without him. It’s a tradition, and I feel like I’m breaking it.

Drive, Janie. Drive.

I make it to Roswell, 211 miles away, where MLH tells me to stop and get a hotel. I’ve not slept since. I think I could have made it all the way to Santa Fe, but I didn’t want him to worry, and to be realistic, I need to sleep.

Instead, I’m writing this blog entry. Think I’m a little jacked on priorities today?

I think I’ll go start my October expenses. Then, leave for Santa Fe around 8 a.m.

Texas Time.
Yeah, right.


Pam said...

You drive carefully, and enjoy your trip. Looking forwar to hearing all about it and the ending to the expense report story! Glad you like your new truck, too.

Janie said...

I will! Except for missing MLH.

I do like that truck! It's sweet. Now I have to think of a name for it.

See ya soon, love ya too!

The Doozie said...

You should probably just cash in your chips and work from home selling Avon

Janie said...

I could probably do that...except I don't like much of what Avon offers.

And I'd have to bug people more than I do!

Jeff said...

Enchiladas at The Shed will ease the hardships, will banish all the nuisances, and all will be right with the world - except for the MLH part.

Janie said...

Oh, yeah. The Shed.

Gotta do it!

(MLH will be SOOOO jealous!)

Thanks, Jeff! I wish you were coming, but gotta be with those boys! Have fun in Dallas!

MamaChris said...

I'm loving the email to your boss. Hysterical! Thanks for the pick me up.

jill jill bo bill said...

1. Please don't wreck.
2. Please have some fun
3. Know you will look great with all your outfit choices.
4. Look for Don Sahli artwork and if you see him, tell him how great I am and don't mention that I dumped him. For an idiot. And now we are divorced.
5. Name your truck Latoya. Latoya Sequoia. It works.
6. Buy me some mexican jumping beans. Scratch that. I always got some when we would go to New Mexico when I was a kid and they never jumped.
7. Miss me.

Gretchen said...

Have a great time! Looking forward to seeing photos!! :) Never been there and would love to see it through your eyes. (HINT HINT!)

amelia bedelia said...

I love Sante Fe!! I'm really close, you could come through big Dalhart and see me!! Have fun!

i beati said...

we all need to eat crow along the way don't we- it puts us back in perspective at least for me .. sk

Lone Chatelaine said...

I am so glad to know I'm not the only "super professional career woman" who slags off on the expense reports. When you're really, really traveling a lot, and have a ton of expenses, reports can seem so overwhelming. I can so relate.

Are you there yet? To Santa Fe?

Janie said...

Mamachris - I am so glad to serve! Thanks for coming by!

Jill - I drove well. Now about to head home. Latoya sounds great! Don Sahli, huh? I'll have to check it out. And if I see , I'll let him know. And. I . Miss. You.

Gretchen - I've not taken a single photo. I'll have to rope up.

Amelia - I'd love to...but I'm heading south...thanks for the invite!

Sandy and Chatelaine - I'm the BEST at groveling. Heck, I do it for a living! ;)