Friday, October 17, 2008

New Blogger in Town!! Meet Kellygirl!!

Today was a great Friday! I went to work, and then was scheduled to go practice with Zack, as we have a field trial tomorrow. Around lunchtime, I got a call from our newest Midland blogger, Kellygirl at Life in the Sahara. Kellygirl just moved here from the Metroplex. We decided to meet for lunch.

We’d never met before, so Kelly and I had to do the “I drive a new blue Sequoia.” and “Well, I’m the girl sitting on the bench at the KentKwik where they’re washing my car.” No problem. We knew each other immediately…and when Kellygirl got in the car, and got in, well, I had a surprise for her - someone was on the speaker phone, namely, In_Spired at For Love of Home. Kellygirl’s circle of influence includes In_Spired’s pastor in Munday, Texas. And In_Spired introduced me to Kelly, so the rest of today is In_Spired’s fault! (Right, Kellygirl?) After everyone visited for a bit, we said “Bye” to In_Spired, and went to lunch at Schlotzky’s.

I knew right away that Kelly and I would get along. It was fun! And when I told her I had to go hunting, she expressed interest. So, I asked her to tag along, and she did! What a trooper! She even caught some pictures for me (will post later!) It was Kellygirl's first bird hunt (maybe her first hunt ever!)and I think she really liked watching the dogs work. She never missed a step, following us all around that field. We all had a good time watching little Zanna chasing a quail around, catching it and bringing it back to me. Zanna did well!

Oh, yeah! I had outfitted Kellygirl with some protective gear, and I sort of explained it, but as it unfolded, I’d not explained it well. We got the dogs loaded back up, and got in the truck to leave.

Janie: What did you think about that, Kellygirl? Did you have fun?

Kellygirl: It was fun! I'd like to go again! The only thing that bothered me was that snake skin. (Kelly walked right across where a bull snake had shed it’s skin.)

Janie: Yeah, that’s why you’re wearing those snake gaters over your jeans, just in case we ran onto a snake.

Kellygirl: Snake gaters?

Janie: Yeah. Rattlesnakes can’t bite through them, so they’re protective gear.

Quiet. Deeeeeeaaaaad quiet.

Kellygirl: Oh. Okaaaay.

Janie: I'm sorry, I thought you knew what they were when I handed them to you. (Well, heck, she just put them on like a pro!)

We laughed. She took it very, very well. Kelly decided to make it a day, and join me in the rest of mine. We decided to go eat Mexican Food…’cause you know they don’t have that West Texas kind of Mexican food in the Metroplex!

We ran home, put the dogs up, and picked up Little Brother #1, who's hanging with me for the weekend. We then met Bob and Cherie, who’d just returned from Toledo, at Casa Madrid. I believe Kellygirl had a great time! She and LB1 got along well, and I know she enjoyed meeting fellow bloggers Bob and Cherie!

Now I’ve flung a cravin’ on the Kellygirl for shooting, so we’ll be going and trying out some sporting clays on her next day off. What y’all wanna bet I’ve got her hunting before long?

Y’all go meet Kellygirl at Life in the Sahara, and give her a good ol' West Texas welcome!


jill jill bo bill said...

I kinda feel cheated on. How come she gets to move there?

No news yet. Hatin' the work life as is. May have to be moving to Midland. Got a marketing job open or a field nurse? heh

In_spired said...

all I can say...I can't wait to meet you girls!!

Janie, you're every bit the "WT Hostess With the Mostest" that I knew you would be.

Have a good day..

Janie said...

Jill - Girl. You can move here ANYTIME. We need good quality builders like Rick and supernurses such as yourself. I promise! (And it's a little closer to your home turf!)

In_spired - we had a good time, thanks for letting me know Kelly was around!

Anonymous said...

It was fun meeting Kelly - she fits right in, a real sweetie. Looking forward to getting to know her!

Tricia said...

Schlotzsky's???? Casa Madrid????? SERIOUSLY????

You're trying to kill me, aren't you?


The Doozie said...

wow...what a welcome to your world!!!!

Janie said...

Cherie - I knew you'd like her! She's a sweetie!

Tricia - oh, girl, I've flung a cravin' on you for some of that good Texas food, haven't I? Guess that means you, IB and RK will have to come see us!

Doozie - I know. She saw me at my worst and I think she liked us!

Packsaddle said...

Any woman that can endure a bird hunt amongst venemous snakes is worthy of my respect and admiration.

Janie said...

Hey, Packsaddle, you'd like Kelly.
Oh. Were you talking about me? or Zanna the Wonderpup, perhaps?;)
Come on and go hunting with us! It's fun!

Junosmom said...

Hi Janie! I saw you were "following" me, so I decided to mosey over here, and now, follow you! I can see Packsaddle has already been here, so it must be a good blog! I'll keep reading, and thanks for paying me a visit. PS I love dogs.

Janie said...

Junosmom - welcome to the craziness of mi vida loca! And I really like your blog.

Travis Erwin said...

How coll. As of yet, I have not met a single person that I met through the blog.

Janie said...

No WAY! We have a little gathering from time to time here. Our town is quite a bit smaller than Amarillo, though.

Out of towners I've met include Foo at Random Synaptic Misfire and his wife Turtle; Bob and Cherie at Ran With The Devil, Walked with Angels.

Amelia Bedelia and Jill Jill Bo Bill are from Pampa, I think, though Jill now lives in Dallas.
Skewed View is from Plainview, and they all are hoots.

Of course, it helps that our local paper publishes the blogs, as well. You can see how they do it at and go to blogs.