Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hunting Field Trial and More Hunting Dog Pictures

Okay, I have to show off pictures of Zack the Wonder Dog and Zanna the Wonder Pup from this weekend. They are so awesome. The dogs, I mean. The pictures? Yeaaaaaah, they're okay, too.
My friend Steve put out a live quail for Zanna to chase, and chase, she did! She caught it, and is bringing it back to me. With zero training. She is so funny!
And here are a couple of Zack the Wonder Dog on point. I never get to take these pictures, but this time, Kellygirl was with me, so she held my gun while I took pictures. And then, yes, I shot my quail. But that's another story unto itself, right, Kelly?
This is Steve's dog, Abby the English Pointer, on point. She's a beautiful gal.And this is Steve, walking up to flush the bird. Notice Abby never breaks her point? She's stout, stout, stout. I think she's beautiful.
And of course, LB1, who spent the weekend with me. The little guy woke himself up at 4 a.m. and stayed awake so I wouldn’t be late for the field trial. At 5:30 a.m., he knocked on my door.
LB1: Miss Janie?

Janie: Hey, little dude.

LB1: Time to get up! We don’t want to be late. Can we go get a burrito on the way out?

The kid is a bottomless pit, I swear. I can’t keep him filled up. God bless his Mom. I don’t know how she does it! We ordered a large pizza for supper, and he ate everything but the two pieces I had. He does love him some pizza! (Notice, Kellygirl, he has on your snake gaters!)
LB1 was so great at the field trials. He loved driving the golf cart, and timing the events. I think his second best thing to do was to blow the horn at the end of the timed sessions. He is such a funny, bright young man. I love hanging around him!
Here are Zack and Zanna, tied to the tail end of my new ride while awaiting their turn. Well, Zack's turn, really, since Zanna's too young to "hunt" yet.
Zanna asked to be put in her crate after Zack kept running over her while tied out. He just will not settle while hunting's going on. He thinks he has to be in on every run.

I’ve had a rough weekend, missing That Man I Love. It's been six weeks today since he's been home, and I’m more than ready for him to come back to Texas. Zanna has already doubled in size, and you just wait until Zack sees MLH. He will flat go crazy. He loves that man so much!
Janie: Hey. Can you hear Zanna snoring on the bed, through the cellphone? She is flat rocking out some ZZZZZ's!
MLH: No, I can’t hear her. Is she as big as Zack yet?
Janie: She’s about half his size. She’s grown so much. You know those moms that start talking baby talk when they’ve been around their munchkins nonstop24/7?

MLH: Yes?

Janie: Well, I feel like I’m talking to Zack and Zanna every minute of every day and night allthetimenonstopdoyouknowwhatImean? I’m probably going to start incorporating my doggyspeak into my normal workday. You know, "Down, boy! " " Heel." "Hunt 'em up!" "Come arouuuuund!" "Fetch dead!" Oh, that won’t work at all. (MLH is laughing.) Oh, hang on, Zack has to go outside.

MLH: He’s probably just trying to fake it so he can grab Zanna’s rawhide.

At this point, Zanna wakes up, and runs to the door to be the first outside. She may be small, but she’s totally dominating Zack. And Zack? Doubles back, hops on the bed, lays down…and grabs Zanna’s rawhide. I am not even kidding you.

MLH is just heehawing on the cellphone – I guess I’ve given a narrative while I laid down the phone, or he figured it out by what I said to Zack. Which I’m not even going to repeat, so don’t go there.

Okay, enough whining already. Have a great week!!


Terri aka Pepsi's Mom said...

Janie, your pictures are great! The ZZ crew is so handsome! Keep those pictures coming!
Pepsi & Sierra do a stare down over the rawhides, seems that the best one is the one that is soft and slimy! Pepsi tries to hide one in the couch, and then goes back to get Sierra to give her the other!

Janie said...

Hey, girl, I'm here to serve!!

Snooty Primadona said...

Okay, so do we need to do a talking-to-dogs intervention here, lol?

Seriously though, the pictures of the wonder dog & wonder pup are gorgeous and I just know Zanna is going to ultimately be the one who kicks butt at field trials. She's a girl and can control herself, lol. Besides, she's already so focused, even without training. That says a lot all by itself. I'll have to come watch sometime... preferrably a nice cool day like we've been having. You know. To keep the hot flashes at bay.

It's good that you should miss MLH... because it means he's missing you as well. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, although I know it's not easy being a *single parent*.

Judging by the grin on LB1's face, I'd say he was totally enjoying himself. Both our kids learned how to drive via the golf cart at the lake and it made them both very confident drivers... most of the time. I'll bet he loved being the driver.

Janie said...

Snooty! Are you back from Vegas? I hope y'all had a good time!

Thanks for the compliments, and yes, I think Zanna is going to totally rock! Geoffrey did have a great time driving that cart, you nailed it.

As to talking dog intervention, you need to go back...way back...under the Zack label. Zack talks quite a bit. Provides for some very interesting blog fodder.

jill jill bo bill said...

OMG Zanna is HUGE!!! I can't believe it! How much longer are you sleeping single in a double bed? I know you have to misshim. Although, pizza sounds quite delish. The pictures were great! Now move here.

Janie said...

Don't be tempting me, girl, I'd move there in.a.heartbeat.

I'm hoping ThatManILove will be home in a week, plus or minus. But I'm not sure.

Meanwhile, the Wonder Dogs are pushing me out of my own bed. Sucks, that.

Anonymous said...

Hey babe, this man is missing his MLW as well. Great shots of the Z pack. Lov ya doll and have a beautiful blessed day in HIM

Janie said...

Haaaaay! Hay! ThatManILove just commented on My. Blog.

He MUST be missing me.


Lone Chatelaine said...

Aw, Zanna is so cute! And she has grown!

I can't believe your man has been gone for six weeks. You might better hog-tie him a while when he comes home.

Well, you know what I mean. Not really hog-tie him, but just keep him still a while.

I mean, unless you're into that ;-)

In_spired said...

Hey! What a sweet comment from "Mr. Anonymous"! We need to hear from him more often...

"Z Pack" that's a tribute!!

Great pictures, Janie.

By the way, LB1 is a cutie!!

The Doozie said...

wow, thats a long time for him to be away from you!!!

as for all the pointing and such, I don't get it but thats ok, you provided pictures which is what I can relate to as a retarded person

Janie said...

Chatelaine - As to ThatManILove, I get ya, chica. I get ya. Yeah, Zanna is really growing, isn't she?

InSpired - you'd like ThatManILove, you would. And you'd like LB1, too.

Doozie - retard. Right. You're one of the smartest chicas I know. I'm glad I'm helping you understand the hunting game, though. That way, if you and Walter ever come to visit, you'll be ready!

Julie said...

Aw, I remember the days well that I thought my son had hollow legs. He could eat a full meal and a half hour later say "I'm hungry".


Love the pictures!!!

Janie said...

Julie - sometimes I wonder if this kid ever gets filled up! Glad you liked the pix!

Sandy Kessler said...

splendid work

Travis Erwin said...

Fine looking dogs.

Janie said...

Sandy - thank you, ma'am!

Travis - thanks, sir, and thanks for stopping by!