Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Zack is Back!

Zack is back from the trainers, and is in fine fettle.

That only means one thing…life at our house has entered a new season of craziness. Zack is a very calm dog…but now, he has a 3 month old ball of energy attacking him at every second. Zoie the Wonder Pup will absolutely not leave him alone.

If, by chance, we get her in a situation where she calms down, all Zack has to do is shake his collar and the Zoie-monga is up and running full speed again. She is so afraid she’s going to miss something!! At times, we have to crate her to get her to settle.

Zack is handling everything well – he is down to the “every once in a while when she’s crossed a huge boundary” warning growl. Overall, I’d say their relationship is progressing along nicely.

Zack and I have a field trial this weekend, and I’m looking forward to hunting with him. We’ve definitely missed his presence around here!


Sandy Kessler said...

Zoie- monga hilarious !!!ibeati

Janie said...

Yup,she is a wild woman!

thisisme said...

Oh the joy of having a puppy or young dog around. I miss that.

In_spired said...

Forget Zack!!

I'm so glad you added your pic to your profile! Now I don't have to conjur up all these images in my head as to what you look like. You're beautiful!

Next item: I tagged you for a meme and I FORGOT to let you know! If you have time and are interested, check my blog post, "Enjoy the Moment".

Rach said...

Poor Zach hehe!