Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I’m on vacation until the end of the year. Therefore, I had lunch with my customers today, and will have breakfast with more customers at 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning. Yesterday, I was in Houston. After all, just what part of this “I’m on vacation” do I not understand? I'm going to have to draw a line here somewhere.

I am waaaaaay too dedicated to my job. Or maybe to my customers, I’m not sure.

MLH makes me laugh.

He’s typing up his daily report to send to his company man. On the report, he recounts what happened today. One thing had to be done over and over due to the incompetency of the contract crew and well problems, and on MLH’s well report he wrote: “Loaded and tested pipe, didn’t hold, came back out of hole, went back in, loaded and tested pipe, no good. Walked off location and had a huge internal hissy fit, complete with imaginary stomping. Being the totally politically correct man I am, I then quietly turned around, went back to location, finished working. Sent crew home and shut down for day.”

He’s a funny man.


Karen said...

Yeah, considering how those guys in the field really talk, he's a true gent!

Relax and enjoy your time off you silly woman.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

scotte said...

like your customers would forget you in a lifetime.  You got the job girl -time off is rare--go to the well with the old man---kick back and write us a story!  Go see your grand niece-- her xmas is Sunday morning at our place. steve- remember problems are the reason that you are out there.  If it all went smooth- they would get to thinking they didn't need a consultant.You did the right thing.

Rach said...

That's an awesome report hehe! Enjoy your vacation!!!

Pam said...

Oh wow, vacation...sleep late and often, eat well and ften...RELAX. Remember that your customers will get on without you, as wonderful as you are. I think you need to take Scott up on his offer to see the grand niece, or maybe come see me...I'll be home Saturday night and won't be leaving again for a week or two...

Janie said...

Karen - gent he is! Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!

Scott - I have stories to tell, just not yet!;)

Rach - thanks, girl!

Pam - ummmmm...yeah. Right. Vacation. What was I thinking? We maaaayyyyy be heading that way. Brunch again, Worthington Renaissance, New Year's Day?