Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A letter from Pepsi

Pepsi the German Shorthair and Sierra the Vizsla at a field trial

Hey, y’all, this is Zack posting here. Well, I can talk, so of course, I can write!Mom got this e-mail for me today from Zoie’s aunt Pepsi (who also happens to be the 2006 Upland Classic High Point Champion – for the whole nation!!) and I thought I should share it with you.

From: T**** & E**** [mailto:************]
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2007 11:33 PM
To: Janie
Subject: From Pepsi!

My Mom would like your mailing address as she has a Christmas card to send you.
Sierra beat me by only three points at Rex's event last week-I am in shock!
What does Zoie want for Christmas?

And my sincere reply…

Dear Aunt Pepsi, (I know, you’re Zoie’s aunt, but since Zoie is (supposedly) my new sister, everything is relative in dogs and fence jumping, so you’re my aunt now, too.)

Mom’s mailing address is:

MLH & Janie
P O xxxx
Midland, Texas xxxxx

Sierra is a young whippersnapper and I’m sure she’s pretty cocky about her win…however, we know that age and wisdom always prevails…in the end. As to Zoie’s Christmas, I would be most happy if she didn’t live to see it and my life could go back to where it was! You know, I was the king! I ran the house! And all I had to do was look at Mom and Dad and they gave me what ever I wanted. And I slept on the foot of Mom and Dad’s bed EVERY night. Now, I get up there and Zoie has to come join me, bite on me, jump on me…and I just want to take a nap with Mom and Dad. It’s our bed, after all.

Yup, I’m just the freakin’ glorified babysitter now. It’s easy for them… they can say “no bite” and she won’t bite them. I have to growl or bark to get that message across, then Mom and Dad get cross with me and say, “Ooooooh, Zack, be sweet – she’s just a baby.”

Baby, my butt. She is the German Shorthair version of the Tazmanian Devil. Speaking of butts, I’d like to see hers spin off into the sunset. Any sunset would do as long as it's far, far away from the flatlands of West Texas.

That’s not going to happen though, and she will grow up soon. I’ll get over it. Thanks, Pepsi, for letting me get this off my beautiful ticked chest. Have a great weekend, and give Sierra my love.

Love and lickies from Zackamundo The Wonder Dog and the brat child Zoie the Wonder Pup


thisisme said...

Janie, that's a hoot - thanks for the giggle. Poor Zach!

Jeff said...

Janie, I still have a lot to learn about hunting dogs, I guess ..... am I supposed to be able to see their ribs like that? Those poor doggies look underfed!

Janie said...

They are all muscle, Jeff, I promise. They're way healthy.