Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Past....

Christmas Breakfast recap – it was good, fun, and we had way too much food. Bob and Cherie were here, as well as our friend Bud and Younger Son. I was feeling rough, but made it through. After everyone left, I went straight to bed and stayed there all day. This morning, I’m feeling a wee bit better – enough to run to the chiropractor for an adjustment. That always helps!

We’re getting ready to pack the vehicle and head east to Fort Worth. We delayed our trip because I was feeling bad – but we’re moving on, now. Zack the Wonder Dog wasn’t quite up to par, either, and MLH took he and Zoie the Wonder Pup to the vet. For those of you who wonder what happens when we go out of town, our friend Bud stays at our house with Zack and Zoie. Bob and Cherie are going to come take them for their daily walks, so that will be good. It’s good to have friends who are willing to help out so we can get away for a much-needed vacation.

On our way east, we’ll stop at my brother’s house to see them. I’m looking forward to seeing my brother and sister-in-law and the boys. This is the first Christmas I can remember that we didn’t go to their house or to my Mom’s for the day. I’m pretty sure their boys have never been away from their home on Christmas except for the time we all went on the Christmas cruise, plus, now they now get to enjoy their beautiful little grandgirl on Christmas. I think that’s an admirable way to raise your sons. My brother and sister-in-law definitely understand the concept of family and traditions – they so get it.

Anyway, hope y’all had a Merry Christmas! We’ll soon be eastward bound. If I don’t blog again before the New Year (no promises!), y’all have a blessed 2008!!


Terri aka Pepsi's MOM said...

Happy New Year Janie! Great pictures of Zoie! Her expressive eyes are like Pepsi's. Sounds like she's a livewire like her aunt Pepsi also!

Gwynne said...

Happy New Year to you and your extended family! Sorry to hear that you were under the weather for Christmas, but enjoy your much-deserved time away.

Janie said...

Hey, Terri - Happy New Year! And yes, MLH says Zoie is such a live wire, he wants to talk to you about your involvement in us having this little girl....he says it's all your fault!

Gwynne, happy New Year to you and yours, as well!