Sunday, November 4, 2007

Zoie the Hunting Dog....eeeeeeuuuuuuuwwww!

Yesterday afternoon, as the sun set, we took the dogs out front to play a bit. Zoie is becoming quite adventurous. Here, I think she’s picking up a stick. (It was hard to see through the viewfinder at dusk.) And off she goes. I’m praising her for her first retrieve. And then, realization hits.

Here, I’m screaming to MLH, “Oh, my God, Honey! Catch her! It’s a dead squirrel!”…as she beelines for our open front door. MLH caught her right before she got through the threshold.



Pam said...

Poor Zoie, just doing what comes naturally! Dead birds are better? (Actually I think they probably are, but I would have loved to have seen this.)

Rach said...

Puppies and squirrels..Wait, dead squirrels? hehe

scotte said...

FUUUNNNNNY!!!Hey girl , now you have to update your blog heading to reflect your addition to the family.

Panhandle Poet said...

I'm laughing out loud.

i beati said...

this dog has serious promise- looking better every time I view her. thanks for the trip

Gwynne said...

Way to go, Zoie! She's a hunter all right. What a cutie. Have I said that already? :-)

DogBlogger said...

Dead squirrels smell way better than sticks.

We're surprised she didn't roll in it. That's what The Boy likes to do with dead garden snakes.


Janie said...

Pam - it was quite comical, I assure you.
Rach - I know, funny, huh?
Scott - thanks for the reminder!
Poet - as were we, after it was over!
Sandy - thanks, sweetie.
Gwynne - thanks, girl. She is a sweetie - when she's not using us for teething rings!
Cub - we're surprised she didn't roll in it, too. I guess that comes next. Thanks for coming by!

Terri aka Pepsi's MOM said...

Hey Janie our dog did the exact same thing, except she made it into the house. I threw it into the wastebasket-made the wastebasket smell so bad we had to throw it away!
Looks like she's gonna be a good retriever!