Sunday, November 4, 2007

Zoie and the Price of Oil

The picture in Sunday's Permian Basin Oil Report was captioned:"High oil prices mean holiday travel will be more expensive." Zoie's take: "Pump, schmump! Let's go hunting!"

Morning news sources said that oil reached a record high this morning at $98.62/bbl, and further predicted that oil could go as high as $128/bbl. That is craziness. I'd better call my oil purchasers and tell them to go pick up a load...oh, wait...I don't have an oil well.

It's funny - prices in the oil service sector seem to be softening, and yet, the price of oil rises. I've been in the oil industry for 23 years now...and I still haven't figured it all out. It's a new day, every day, out here in the patch .

Guess that's what keeps it exciting!


Jeff said...

So, does this mean more money for more skeet shoots? :-)

Janie said...

I hope that's how it translates...however, with service prices softening, I'm just not sure.

Saw your lovely esposa yesterday!

jonboy said...

$128 ?????
You've got to be kidding. I watched the democratic presidential debate a few days ago and one of the candidates said (when priced around $90) that about $30 per barrel is based strictly on speculation and not on legitimate supply or demand.
That's ridiculous.

Janie said...

Don't believe everything you hear, Jonboy. I heard the other day that someone asked for everything over $45 to be mandantorily given to the Windfall Profits tax.

That's what they wanna do to our business.

Now, that is ridiculous!!

Jeff said...

Actually, if you're talking about 'futures' prices, speculation DOES have a lot to do with it.

In_spired said...

Gas and oil prices leave me dumbfounded! What the heck is going on?

But I DO understand the look on Zoie's face...."Ho-hum...when do we go out and play?"

cathy said...

I love this.......I could start one with my Beagles. They get into everything.

i beati said...

I love this girl.Zoie. the picture of her walking off with the squirrel tail is embedded in my memory

tracy said...

Zoie has the right idea; "to heck with it all!" She is so very cute.

I believe that we are going to all have to stop driving for awhile--jeez! The horses sound good to me at this point. What the heck are we gonna' do?