Saturday, November 3, 2007

Chunk of Spotted Love

You are just going to have to bear with me during this time, concerning content. Wonder if Eric will give me a temporary “content-free” pass until this season is over?

My life is currently consumed by MLH. Work. Zack. Zoie. Zoie. Zoie. And not necessarily in that order.

This morning, Zack and Zoie were playing (really! Yeaaahhh!) and Zack pounced a little hard on the pup. She immediately scrambled under the couch. Zack got down on his side and using his paw, tried to get her out of there. He would stick his nose under the couch, and Zoie would try to take a nip of him. This went on for some time. We were so proud of her – she had already figured out how to make Zack bow to her every demand. She would come out only so far that he could see her head and front paws, and then she would retreat.

And then, we figured it out.

She was stuck. Her little belly was too fat to get out.

(Shhhhh…Zack just thinks she’s Mensa material. Don’t tell him.)


Pam said...

No way Zack will hear it from me. I think you made the right choice...she's going to get ol Zack right in line!

i beati said...

I was just going to pout for a pup picture. Gosh she's the bomb and then some. I love spotteds.

thisisme said...

That is just gorgeous- poor Zack :)

Thanks for stopping by - I really appreciated your comments - it is starting to make a difference.

Rach said...

I love puppy photos so you can be content free all you like with those photos :).

Gwynne said...

Awww, photos of Zoie are anything but content-free!

tracy said...

This dog is simply adorable! Zack the wonder dog is as well. I feel I know Zack through the great tales. Give him a big hug for me.